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Official Lyrics:
Lullabies to Paralyze (from the Japanese version's liner notes)
Songs for the Deaf (from the Japanese version's liner notes)
Sons of Kyuss (from the liner notes, except for Katzenjammer)
A Drug Problem That Never Existed (from the liner notes with some added interpretation by thefade)
Quick and to the Pointless (provided by Beaver)
Absence Without Leave [Beaver] and Morocco [Beaver] (provided by Beaver)
Queens of the Stone Age Rated R
Regular John i'll just hang around
Avon i string 'em up, i cut 'em down
If Only we're nothing at all
Walkin on the Sidewalks drink wine and screw
You Would Know the devil's got pills in his eyes
How to Handle a Rope i got it all right, i got a feelin
Mexicola keep sayin you won't live forever
Hispanic Impressions rock rock rock rock rock
You Can't Quit Me Baby i'll see you in hell
Give the Mule What He Wants be the mule
I Was a Teenage Hand Model cozied up to the toilet
Feel Good Hit of the Summer c-c-c-c-c-cocaine
The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret i just cut you out
Leg of Lamb education is so lame
Auto Pilot high up in a jet plane
Better Living Through Chemistry blood is not enough
Monsters in the Parasol the walls are closing in
Quick and to the Pointless you gotta be with me
In the Fade i'm leavin here tomorrow
Tension Head hustlin little girls, cheatin little boys
Lightning Song rock rock rock rock rock rock
I Think I Lost My Headache burn like a matchhouse
Songs for the Deaf
The Real Song for the Deaf huh, what?
You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire heavy metal, soft at the core
No One Knows we get these pills to swallow
First It Giveth then it taketh away
Song for the Dead that's the story of dyin
Sky is Fallin' hours, days left behind of wasted useless
Six Shooter shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, pow
Hangin' Tree can you see under my thumb?
Go with the Flow i want something good to die for
Gonna Leave You everything scars the skin
Do It Again you and me fit so tight
God is in the Radio changin the station
Another Love Song you're so impossible
Song for the Deaf save what's left for the deaf
Feel Good Haha of the Summer ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Mosquito Song all of us food that hasn't died
Lullabies To Paralyze
This Lullaby until the return of my love, this lullabye
Medication is this the dose you've been dreamin' of?
Everybody Knows That You Are Insane but i feel nothing
Tangled Up In Plaid oh yeah it hurts
Burn The Witch bite your tongue, swear to keep
In My Head our favorite song
Little Sister slowly dancing cheek to cheek
I Never Came in your bed...
Someone's In The Wolf who's afraid of the big bad wolf....
The Blood Is Love what is love?
Skin On Skin givin head...
Broken Box tears from the sky
"You Got A Killer Scene The Man" C'mon give a try
Long Slow Goodbye goodbye
Splits, B-sides, Soundtracks, Covers, etc.
Kyuss/QOTSA Split QOTSA/Beaver Split
Into the Void [Kyuss] rocket engines burnin fuel
Fatso Forgotso [Kyuss] it's over your head
Fatso Forgotso Phase II [Kyuss] it ain't up to me
If Only Everything blow my mind, it's just so crazy
Born to Hula ain't it something, we're born to hula
Spiders and Vinegaroons rock rock rock rock
The Bronze i'm so lost out on the highway
These Aren't the Droids You're Looking For rock
Morocco [Beaver] we're getting closer to where we're heading
Absence Without Leave [Beaver] without a trace
Other Tracks Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys soundtrack
Everybody's Gonna Be Happy [Kinks] you and me my love
Gonna Leave You (Spanish) ya me voy
Blood Hammer [Roky Erickson] i never have the bloody hammer
The Fun Machine Took A Shit And Died this is bound to be good
The Atomic Trinity rock rock rock rock rock rock rock
Hanging (a.k.a. Ramble Off) rock rock rock rock rock
Francis and Margie rock rock rock rock rock rock rock
Stoned rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock
Eulogy rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock
All the Same i'm your jezebel on my way to hell
B-Sides Soundtracks/Covers
Ode to Clarissa i tiptoe on the floor
Born to Hula (new version) colored bottles in a line
Never Say Never [Romeo Void] warm in your coat
You're So Vague green-eyed boys lick the razor
Who'll Be the Next in Line [Kinks] for heartache
Wake Up Screaming [Subhumans] i dream in slow motion
Thee Most Exalted Potentate of Love [The Cramps] i am
18 AD there is no yesterday, there is no tomorrow
Infinity not me with a gun to my head
Back to Dungaree High [Turbonegro] a soul on ice
Don't Talk to Me [G.G. Allin] chatter chatter chatter
Precious and Grace [ZZ Top] everything's all right
Jealous Again [Black Flag] you're jealous again and again
Desert Sessions
Desert Sessions vols. 1 & 2 Desert Sessions vols. 3 & 4
Preachin do not listen to anyone
Girl Boy Tom rock rock rock rock rock rock rock
Monkey in the Middle rock rock rock rock rock
Girl Boy Tom 2 rock rock rock rock rock rock rock
Coward's Way Out rock rock rock rock rock rock
Robotic Lunch (alternate version) rock rock rock
Johnny the Boy don't talk about it too much
Screamin Eagle rock rock rock rock rock rock rock
Cake (who shit on the?) ride with me baby
Man's Ruin Preach do not buy products by mr
Nova if i can't sing my blues, can i drink by booze
At the Helm of Hell's Ships here kitty kitty
Avon free-range humans all cooped up
Sugar Rush he'll rip you apart
The Gosso King of Crater Lake i am the gosso king
Monsters in the Parasol i'll cut your pretty face
Jr. High Love cause we were young in jr. high love
Eccentric Man the people think i'm crazy
Hogleg how do you feel now how do you feel now
You Keep on Talkin you don't know shit
Desert Sessions vols. 5 & 6 Desert Sessions vols. 7 & 8
You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire metal heavy, soft at the core
Letters to Mommy hell is for children
I'm Dead come on and laugh and fuck with me
Punk Rock Caveman Living in a Prehistoric Age rock
Goin to a Hangin i feel like a piece of toast
A #1 could you give me something i could use
Like a Drug i take a drink, another cigarette
Take Me to Your Leader take me to your leader
Teens of Thailand you will turn into a toad
Rickshaw be careful what you wish for
Like a Drug (instrumental) rock rock rock rock rock
Don't Drink Poison don't play with fire
Hanging Tree swing in the breeze
Winners the following...were winners
Polly Wants a Crack Rock all fucked up
Up in Hell wine left in the blood
Nenada n-n-n-n-n-nenada
The Idiots Guide going through the idiots guide
Interpretive Reading be brief with your briefs
Covousier i really miss you, since i killed you
Cold Sore Superstars sex and drugs are legal tender
Making a Cross it's never been easy to know
Ending thank you seattle yeah desert sessions yeah
Piano Bench Breaks piano bench breaks
Desert Sessions vols. 9 & 10 Desert Sessions vols. 11 & 12
Dead In Love did you hear my heart stop beating?
I Wanna Make It WitChu anytime anywhere again again
Covered In Punks Blood rock rock rock rock rock rock rock
There Will Never Be A Better Time learn to forgive
Crawl Home your love is evil
I'm Here For Your Daughter i would have to kill you
Powdered Wig Machine take off your mask kiss me
In My Head...Or Something i turn it up
Holey Dime sent to hell on paper wings
A Girl Like Me patterns, shadows on the wall
Creosote rock rock rock rock rock rock rock
Subcutaneous Phat rock rock rock rock rock rock rock
Bring It Back Gentle unplayed pieces we are
Sheperds Pie all i need's a mic and a guitar
it ain't out yet
Mondo Generator
Cocaine Rodeo A Drug Problem That Never Existed
13th Floor everyday I wake up feeling this way
Shawnette goddamn motherfucker your ass is mine
Uncle Tommy uncle tommy it's hurting don't fuck me
Miss Mary Gets a Boob Job break out the scalpel
Unless I Can Kill i don't wanna live unless I can kill
PigMan you know I hurt so many that were used to me
Simple Exploding Man (extended version) i'm exploding
I Want You to Die i know you're the one who's after me
Dead Insects i'll chafe red from scratching from the fleas
Cocaine Rodeo wake me up and get me high
Another Tension Head i used to be cool
Simple Exploding Man (short version)
Meth, I Hear You Callin' this is fucking war
Here We Come we're coming to get ya
So High, So Low smoke em if you got em
Do the Headright no time to think pass me a drink
Open Up and Bleed for Me i'm lost in my mind
All I Can Do won't help you with anything anything at all
F.Y.I'm Freethe drano in my blood is eating my brain
Detroiti can remember you like a photo, like a star
Me and You god's in love with me and you
Like You Want get up and ride like i was steven mcqueen
Girls Like Christ i worship satan i only fuck christ
Day I Die rip off my skin, have a feast i'm a beast
Jr. High Love spread your legs and unload my gun
Four Corners lost days where the fuck have I been
Demolition Day III The E.P.
All I've Got you’ll never know what I need
I Want You To Die i know you're the one who's after me
high up in a jet plane
Simple Exploding Man i'm exploding
One More time In Hell
Paper Thin
coming soon
Mark Lanegan
Here Comes That Weird Chill .
Methamphetamine Blues wake up, wake up
On the Steps of the Cathedral habitual and untrue
Clear Spot [Captain Beefheart] 'fraid i'm gonna get hit
Message to Mine because it makes me forget
Lexington Slow Down and i could take livin' low
Skeletal History just make it quietly
Wish You Well with a needle gun
Sleep With Me (Instrumental)
Sleep With Me i got my eyes on you
For more Lanegan lyrics and info, visit onewhiskey.
Eagles of Death Metal
Peace, Love and Death Metal .
I Only Want You i never really leave, i just slip away
Shit Goddamm (I'm a Man) i'm the devil's favorite son
there's no one here and people everywhere
Sons of Kyuss Wretch
Deadly Kiss gonna bring me down with you
Window of Souls no one can keep me from you
King you say you love me so prove it to me cause i'll never say it to you
Isolation:Desolation don't wait for me at the edge of the world
Love Has Passed Me By could it be that love has passed me by
Black Widow give me a fuckin' reason
Happy Birthday i'm burnin' higher & higher & higher
Katzenjammer baby rev my motor make my blood boil
(The Beginning of What's About to Happen) Hwy 74 rock
Love Has Passed Me By you'll never change me
Son of a Bitch goddamn son of a bitch
Black Widow kill for business or for pleasure
Katzenjammer baby rev my motor make my blood boil
Deadly Kiss no one wanted to with you
The Law i'm going to be my own
Isolation down inside you ain't fine to me
I'm Not i'm not ready to leave this world
Big Bikes i want some pussy from a bad bitch
Stage III rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock
Blues for the Red Sun Sky Valley
Thumb i don't give two shits on how you feel
Green Machine i'm loadin my war machine
Molten Universe rock rock rock rock rock rock rock
50 Million Year Trip i'll never forget you anyway
Thong Song no shoes, just thongs
Apothecaries Weight rock rock rock rock rock rock
Caterpillar March rock rock rock rock rock rock rock
Freedom Run i'll break you, i'll steal for you
800 rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock
Writhe i'd rather sit here teasing you
Capsized rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock
Allen's Wrench allen's wrench, it's all you get
Mondo Generator i cannot take you there
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Gardenia six-hundred-sixty-six miles per hour
Asteroid rock rock rock rock rock rock rock
Supa Scoopa and Mighty Scoop always on his own
100 Degrees it's a 100 degrees, i'm on my knees
Space Cadet no one never tends to me
Demon Cleaner i'm the only way, i'm the only way
Odyssey take one to the belly of the beast
Conan Troutman you are gone and now i'm free
N.O. it's just a song to sing
Whitewater now it's summer and i'm coming home
Lick Doo you know that you can and will lick my doo
...And the Circus Leaves Town Others
Hurricane i won't fuckin breathe at all
One Inch Man always so lonely, lonely, lonely
Thee Ol' Boozeroony don't do that to me
Gloria Lewis we can't drink no more, but we'll try
Phototropic raech up to the sun
El Rodeo if you're tryin to ride for free
Jumbo Blimp Jumbo rock rock rock rock rock rock
Tangy Zizzle where you want me to be
Size Queen so i dive, inches to the ground
Catamaran smooth stones beneath me
Spaceship Landing i wanna go with you
Day One don't be sad for what will never be
coming soon

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