All I Can Do
Threw the dust pan out now
I swept it under the rug
I got an hour or maybe a minute
I gotta get up, get up in it

Well, it's all I can do
It's all I can do

Left the dishes in the sink
For the past two weeks
Played my music too loud
The landlord wants me out now

Well, it's all I can do
It's all I can do

Won't take no calls now
Can't scrub your walls now
Won't help you with anything
Anything at all

Won't take the trash out now
I ain't washing no cars
Can't walk your dog
I'm busy out at the bar

Well, it's all I can do
Wasn't asking if it was good for you
It's all I can do
Available On: A Drug Problem That Never Existed (2003)

Nick Oliveri - vocals
Brant Bjork - drums
Dave Catching - guitar
Molly McGuire - bass

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lyrics are partly official, taken from the liner notes, and partly interpreted by because Nick doesn't always follow the liner notes; interpretations © 2000-2003
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