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Whoís gonna take you there?
Youíre such a long way back, you
Long, long, long

You said to help you out
Whatís there to do, big liar
Well, I said, fool, itís there
Get me out of here

I went back there
I never go
With all of these tragic fools
Thatís enough for me

You try to match it, going there
Youíre such a fool
I cannot take you there
What does it take?
Every time I show you, you try to
I canít hear you there

Well, I said thereís nothing there
You try to match it without going there
Ah, ah, ah
You thought you knew something,
Well, what? You fuckin come with me

When Iím back
You got a long way to get him
Thatís some shit, man
I tried hard and fuckin more
Youíre done
Youíre not real
Iím not fuckin free
Available On: Blues for the Red Sun (1992)

John Garcia - vocals
Brant Bjork - drums
Nick Oliveri - bass
Josh Homme - guitars

Words - Nick Oliveri
Music - Nick Oliveri

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