Like a Drug
Since youíre gone, I sat at home
Wonder why no Iíll never be free
But the thought of you
Goin with another guy
No, it could never be me
You took a ring and pawned our love away
What can I say, I am left behind
So I take a drink, another cigarette
I canít forget that you once were mine

What can I say?
I guess it wasnít meant to be
Now youíre gone,
Itís just, your love is like a drug

Itís been so long
Your folks have bet you gone
I know that youíre alive inside
So I hope and pray you wonít throw this love away
I just wish that you still were mine
Available On: Desert Sessions vols. 5 & 6 (1999)

Brant (Bjork) - pitter pat
Josh (Homme) - the rest

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