Take Me to Your Leader
Take me to your leader

Sucks better, ain't got enough spine
That's...I'll lay down to that
Plan to eliminate party
That's the beauty of it
I mean, that's why I'm for ... Clam Central
Plan B
We have just entered Grand Clam Central Station
Available On: Desert Sessions vols. 5 & 6 (1999)

Performed by Aliens
Both guitars and alien string trombones ALL played thru one amp, mind you

Digital D - guitar, vocals, ray gun, assorted accoutrements
Chizm - alien string trombone, vocals
Fugitive Pope - guitar, vocals, electronic contraptions
Gene Troutman - cartoon balloon-vidal sassoon-type percussion
Carlo (Josh Homme) - cartoon balloon-vidal sassoon-type percussion
Fred Drake - cartoon balloon-vidal sassoon-type percussion
Eugene - percusive apparatus
The Saucers - background vocals

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