Song for the Dead
It's late enough to go drivin
See what's mine
Life's the study of dying
How to do it right
You're a holy roller
If you're bet in the loose
If you're hanging around
I'm holdin the noose

Come a little bit closer
And get untied
In a hearse rollin over
Just a track in the line
Fuck it

Come on, let's go drivin
Come on, let's take a little ride
That's the study of dying
How to do it right

Available On: Songs for the Deaf (2002)

"Mark Lanegan's first song on vocals here is 'Song for the Dead' - straightforward beats that lead you calmly into a showcase for Homme's clever fills and a rampaging Dave Grohl drum finale." - from Movie Poop Shoot's Review

Mark Lanegan - vocals
Josh Homme - guitar, backing vocals
Nick Oliveri - bass
Dave Grohl - drums

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these lyrics are official; they come from the Japanese version of Songs for the Deaf
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