Better Living Through Chemistry
The blue pill opens your eyes
Is there a better way
A new religion prescribed
To those without the faith
The hero holding a knife
And blood is not enough
Is it too late to go back?
Is it too late to go?

Thereís no one here
And people everywhere
Youíre on your own

Letís see if Iím hearing this right
You suggest I should take
And never endings are glad
(right channel - A never-ending supply)
To carry out the dead
Your idols burn in the fire
The mob comes crawling out
(take us down and out)
Iím reclaiming their minds
Destroying everyone

Thereís no one here
And people everywhere
Youíre all alone
Available On: Rated R (2000)

The line "there's no one here and people everywhere" comes from Bjork's song "Crying," which is on her debut album (the Icelandic singer, not Brant Bjork).

Nick: "[Better Living] was about day four of sitting in a room writing songs. It was trippy at the time we wrote it. By the time we got in the studio and added texturing and different instruments, it really took on a life of its own." - from the Sonicnet Rated R review

Josh: "I think lots of the things that deal with drugs in our music are misunderstood. Like, we have a song called Better Living Through Chemistry which is an anti-drug song. It's saying it's okay, [that] the government says it's okay, for you to take Prozac everyday, every single day, to feel better and feel absolutely numb. Don't smoke that joint, though, you! (points finger)" - from an Interview with Josh

Josh Homme - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Nick Oliveri - Backing Vocals, Bass
Nick Lucero - Drums
Dave Catching - Piano
Barrett Martin - Vibes, Percussion
Chris Goss - Backing Vocals

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