Spaceship Landing
Youíve been in back of me
Feeling sent to me
Iím down in the wall on my back eating brown earth

No more you and me
No more listening
Tired of your word, all your words are so backwards

Be as lost can be
Touching purity
If youíre gonna go now, well, I wanna go with you

Oh, yeah, youíre a fucked up man
With a fucked up plan

Did I say too much?
You really want me to hear?
Did I say too much?
I didnít want me to see here
Did I hear too much?
Not sure I should be here
Did I hate too much?
Iím thinking someone should bleed here

Why the finger?
Itís all right
Me and you could
Itís all right
Straighten you out
Itís all right
Guiding light
Itís all right

There I go
Itís all right
The way Iím turning
Itís all right
Help you out, man
Itís all right
Help me in
I just might

[14:48 - 15:02]

Címon, do it, do it, do it
Do you, I wanna do you
I wanna do it, do it, do it
Do you
I wanna do you, I wanna do you

Day One [32:15 - 34:03]

Donít be sad for what will never be
Be glad you didnít have to see
This town became a part of me
And now this burning memory

The sun will break the night till dawn
And then weíll tear some tales again
And when the time has come and gone

The wind will carry on and on
Available On: ...And the Circus Leaves Town (1995)

Spaceship Landing ends 11 minutes into the track. The two other songs are hidden tracks.

John Garcia - vocals
Alfredo Hernandez - drums
Scott Reeder - bass
Josh Homme - guitars

Josh Homme

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