You Would Know
Me just happy robot
Live on hill of beans
You and I cut from same cloth
Rippin at the seams
Cut, snip, cut

Donít forget to remember
The devilís got pills in his eyes
Look, laugh, but donít touch
Cut you down to size
Cut, up, cut (shut up)
Cut, up, cut

You would know

My girlís all out of focus
It ainít no big surprise
Daddy got his gun loaded
Got crosshairs in his eyes
Shut up, oh
Shut up, oh

You would know
Available On:
Queens of the Stone Age (1998)

Josh: "Here's a little robot song." - from 1998/12/02

Josh Homme - Guitar, Vocals
Carlo (Josh Homme) - Bass
Alfredo Hernandez - Drums
Hutch - Sound

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