On the Steps of the Cathedral
Note: Throughout the song, the lyrics in parentheses and brackets are repeated in the background, as written or with minute variation.

(He's got the whole world)
(In his hands)
(We're in his hands)
(Got the whole wide world)
(In his hands)
(It's in his hands)

[in the evening]
[gently whisper]
[sweetly falling]

I'm so sorry
I know exactly what you mean

Tired of being devilish
Sick of being wicked
Habitual and untrue

I'm really startin' over
Although it is windy
I send regards to you

Standin on the steps
Steps of the cathedral
Watch the summer fade

Just trying to get to somewhere
Tryin' to get.. just.. anywhere
But I know it ain't my day
Available On: Here Comes That Weird Chill (2003)

Mark Lanegan - Vocals
Chris Goss - Guitar, vocals
Tracy Chisholm - Loops, recording, mix

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