Me and You
Everybody's gone, everybody's gone
Me, you
Thank god everybody's gone
But me and you
Me, you
God's in love
God's in love with me and you
You and me
I got a good time
In my pocket
In my mind
For me, you
For me and you
Praise the lord
I'm all alone
With me, you
Me and you

Me, you

There's nothing wrong
There's nothing wrong with me and you
Me, you
Thank god there's nothing wrong
With me, you
With me and you
This is my song
It's for me
It's for me
It's for me
It's for you
Pots and pans and rubber fuckin bands
For me and you
Me, you
The devil took my mind
For me and you
Me, you
Available On: A Drug Problem That Never Existed (2003)

Nick Oliveri - vocals
Brant Bjork - drums
Dave Catching - guitar
Molly McGuire - bass

lyrics are partly official, taken from the liner notes, and partly interpreted by because Nick doesn't always follow the liner notes; interpretations © 2000-2003
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