The Bronze
I've been waiting
Waiting under things
That rise in the morning
I've been holding
Holding back so long
You can own it
Take it off my hands
Do me a favor
Nothin wasted
Just fingerfucked and
Busted up all at once

I’m so lost out on the highway
With no direction left to go
Everyday sit up and wonder
Where it was I started from

The more you’ve found
The less you’ve been around
Available On: Beaver/QOTSA split (1998)

Recorded between 12:00-12:17 pm
April Fools day 1998 at Monkey Studios
Palm Springs, CA

Nick: "I went for the gold, but got the Bronze." - 1999/09/05

Josh Homme - Vocals, Guitar
Carlo (Josh Homme) - Bass
Alfredo Hernandez - Drums

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