Another Love Song
You're so impossible
Scream and moan it chills my soul
Don't wanna hear you got left behind
All those times you stayed up and cried
It's no lie
You did it to yourself
Like chewed up gum under my shelf
Don't look surprised
You must have know all along

It's just another love song
Another love song

It's never easy
It's not hard
When you've lost your mind
With you it's sleezy
Don't tell me your worries
I'm sick, I'll leave you blind
Now the time has come
To leave this love that's left you dry
No need to work this out
Cause you know there's no reason why

It's just another love song
Another love song

I never told you it would last forever
You can't hold this boy for long, dear
By the time you read my letter
Baby, I'll be gone

You're just another love song
Another love song

Available On: Songs for the Deaf(2002)

"'Another Love Song' takes it somewhere else completely: Pete Stahl [no, Nick sings] sings and an organ is pounded over tambourines and hopscotch drumbeats. This song is a great fake-out." - from Movie Poop Shoot's Review

Josh Homme - Guitar
Nick Oliveri - Bass, vocals
Dave Grohl - Drums
Alain Johannes - Organ

these lyrics are official; they come from the Japanese version of Songs for the Deaf
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