Feel Good Hit of the Summer
Nicotine, valium, vicodin
Marijuana, ecstasy, and alcohol

No c-c-c-c-c-cocaine
Available On: Rated R (2000)
Feel Good Hit of the Summer single (2000)
Blair Witch 2 soundtrack (2000)

From Rolling Stone:

As for their next single from their newest album, Rated R, the Queens plan to release the drug anthem "Feel Good Hit of the Summer," but "we're getting this feedback that lots of people won't even play it," says Homme. The song's lyrics consist solely of the chant "nicotine, valium, vicatin [sic], marijuana, ecstasy and alcohol" followed by the triumphant chorus of "No. C-c-c-cocaine," and several radio stations have refused to play it. "There's no cuss words, and there's no endorsement -- in fact the only other word is a 'no,'" says Homme. "They don't look at it in a very positive light."

Wal-Mart initially refused to stock Rated R unless the band removed "Feel Good Hit of the Summer." Then they insisted on a warning label, until Homme successfully argued that the album was already called "Rated R." "After that, they agreed to carry it," he says. Best Buy threatened to pull the last Queens of the Stone Age album from the shelves because of the cover photo of a woman's crotch. "There's no nudity, but we got banned all over the place," says Homme. "Of course, then the album started to sell, and then they were like, 'forget it.'" - read the entire article

About Rob Halford's Involvment:

"Rob was recording in the studio next to ours, and we thought that this would be a great song for him," recalls Homme. "I showed him the lyrics, not knowing what he'd think of it all, but he said, 'Oh, a rock and roll cocktail. I know this one!'" - Josh, Guitar World Sept. 2000

"He is a really cool, charming guy. I was really impressed that he wasn't some isolated dinosaur still living in the past. He was really aware of the Queens and the music that has been coming out of the desert for the last 10 years." - Chris Goss, Sonicnet Rated R review

"The daily diet. Be sure to take it every single day." - Josh, from 2002/10/24

Josh Homme - Guitar, Lead Vocals
Nick Oliveri - Bass, Backing Vocals
Gene Trautmann - Drums
Dave Catching - Electric Piano, Lap Steel
Chris Goss - Grand Piano, Percussion
Rob Halford - Backing Vocals
Wendy Ray Moan - Backing Vocals
Nick Eldorado - Backing Vocals

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