I see you go
Through a park in a haze
I don’t listen
For traffic going the same way
A simple system
I string em up
I cut em down
Dare I say

A perfect vision
Some simple ways to let you know
Free range humans all cooped up
Naked clone is playing lame
I string em up
I cut em down
Dare I say
Available On:
Queens of the Stone Age (1998)
The Hard and the Heavy vol. 1 (1999)

Josh: "This song is called Avon."
Nick: "Get out while you can."
Josh: "Save yourselves, you know what I'm fuckin sayin? Save your fuckin selves."
Audience Member: "FUCK YOU!"
Josh: "Fuck you right back. If it's gotta turn into a hate show, bring it on. This is called Avon, you motherfuckers." - from 2000/08/11

Josh Homme - Guitar, Vocals
Carlo (Josh Homme) - Bass
Alfredo Hernandez - Drums
Hutch - Sound

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