Sky is Falling
The sky is fallin
Human race that we are
Has left me crawling
Staring straight at the sun
All in a moment, I notice
Every dog has his day
I paid attention
Cost me so much to to hate

For so long
I saw only wrong
But now to remind
It's a waste of time

Close your eyes and see the sky is fallin

I wanted something
Nothing, blank, I don't know
It's all deflecting
Stones are easy to throw
All in a moment, I noticed
Hours, days left behind
One wasted, useless
Selfless, none of a kind

For so long
I saw only wrong
Now to remind
Not to go back to the low
That has drained my life so long

Close your eyes and see the sky is fallin
Available On: Songs for the Deaf (2002)

"'Sky Is Falling' vocally the highpoint of the album, climactic in every way. I can't say enough for the production on this album, easily the best studio work I've heard in five years. The bass level is fantastic, effortlessly climbing up and down through the changes and setting a huge wall of background for the movement of the rest of the band. The chorus is soothing: "Close your eyes and see the skies are fallin"- soft and melodic like a lullaby to the end of everything." - from Movie Poop Shoot's Review

Josh Homme - vocals, guitar
Nick Oliveri - bass
Dave Grohl - drums

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these lyrics are official; they come from the Japanese version of Songs for the Deaf
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