Because of the mark on my forehead
Made by the Good Witch of the North
The wicked witch couldn’t harm me.
This made her very angry.
- Dorothy

The North’s kiss?
But listen to what I have done to your friend.
- Wicked Witch

I’m just a common man.
- Wizard

You’re more than that, you’re a humbug.
- Tin Man

How do you feel now?
- Scarecrow

Why do you seek me?
- Wizard

Where are you?
- Dorothy
Available On: Desert Sessions vols. 3 & 4 (1998)

Most of the sound samples are from the Wizard of Oz
Recorded in June 23-26, 1998

Jesse "The Devil" Hughes - guitar
Loo Balls - vocals
Carlo (Josh Homme) - drums
Craig Armstrong - bass
T. Fresh - turntables, table turner

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