Demon Cleaner
Iíve got the demons in me
Iíve got to brush them all away
I feel the demons rage
I must clean them all away

Itís sad to see more rage
Cobwebs in the way
That magic cleaner will shine his smile on my face

I am the demon cleaner who saves the day
I got the back wall
Important theyíll always stay

If only one thing that you know
Imposters from the show
Theyíll try to trick you into
Normal treatment yeah
Oh, donít you listen to them say
Shush them all away

I am the demon cleaner
Madman slayer
I am the freedom bleeding
Standing naked here to say

Iím the only way
Available On: Sky Valley (1994)

John Garcia - vocals
Brant Bjork - drums
Scott Reeder - bass
Josh Homme - guitars

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