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Queens of the Stone Age

Regular John
If Only
Walkin on the Sidewalks
You Would Know
How to Handle a Rope
Hispanic Impressions
You Can't Quit Me Baby
Give the Mule What He Wants
I Was a Teenage Hand Model
entire album
Rated R

Feel Good Hit of the Summer
The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret
Leg of Lamb
Auto Pilot
Better Living Through Chemistry
Monsters in the Parasol
Quick and to the Pointless
In the Fade
Tension Head
Lightning Song
I Think I Lost My Headache
entire album
QOTSA/Beaver split

The Bronze
These Aren't the Droids You're Looking For
Absence Without Leave [Beaver]
Morocco [Beaver]
Kyuss/QOTSA split

Into the Void [Kyuss]
Fatso Forgotso [Kyuss]
Fatso Forgotso Phase II [Kyuss]
If Only Everything
Born to Hula
Spiders and Vinegaroons
The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret single

The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret
Ode to Clarissa
Born to Hula (new version)
Monsters in the Parasol
Feel Good Hit of the Summer single

Feel Good Hit of the Summer
Never Say Never [Romeo Void]
You're So Vague
Who'll Be the Next in Line [Kinks]
Soundtracks, Compilations

18 A.D.
Desert Sessions vols. 1 & 2

Girl Boy Tom
Monkey in the Middle
Girl Boy Tom 2
Coward's Way Out
Robotic Lunch (alt. version)
Johnny the Boy
Screamin Eagle
Cake (who shit on the?)
Man's Ruin Preach
entire album
Desert Sessions vols. 3 & 4

At the Helm of Hell's Ships
Sugar Rush
The Gosso King of Crater Lake
Monsters in the Parasol
Jr. High Love
Eccentric Man
You Keep on Talkin
entire album
Desert Sessions vols. 5 & 6

You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire
Letters to Mommy
I'm Dead
Punk Rock Caveman Living in a Prehistoric Age
Goin to a Hangin
A #1
Like a Drug
Take Me to Your Leader
Teens of Thailand
Like a Drug (instrumental)
entire album

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