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Desert Sessions vol. 1 Instrumental Driving Music for Felons

Help me, Satan
The lord has his grip upon me
I have fornicated with loose women
I have drunk myself into a state of inebriation
I have acted criminally upon my fellow man
And I am glad
Satan, can I get an amen?
Do not listen to anyone

Girl Boy Tom


Monkey in the Middle


Girl Boy Tom 2


Coward's Way Out


Robotic Lunch (alt. version)


Desert Sessions vol. 2 Status: Ship's Commander Butchered
Johnny the Boy

You cook your brain
You cook in your eyeballs
It never got around
Sheís hopin you within one of the nice ones
Feel it in my heart
You are a cow without any legs
Iím gonna get you cold
So get a reaction, baby
Donít pretend to lie

Donít talk about it too much
Youíll make it so

Screamin Eagle


Cake (who shit on the?)

I donít need
Donít feel like a reason
Look behind
Not a lonely road to ride

Ride with me baby

I donít care
I go round and round and ride

Ride with me baby

Evil inside
Scratch in my mouth
In a needle down so inside
Livin my life
In a bottle and pill and ride

Gonna ride me baby

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Man's Ruin Preach

People, listen to me
Whatever you do
Do not buy products by Manís Ruin
They are evil sinners
And they are on the side of Satan
Do not purchase any goods from Manís Ruin
For they are evil fornicating, drinking animals
And they will steal your soul

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