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Tour Dates: Nov. 19 - Milan, IT; Nov. 20 - Nonantola, IT more
Looking for Lyrics?
Official Songs for the Deaf Lyrics
x. The Real Song for the Deaf
1. Millionaire
2. No One Knows
3. First It Giveth
4. Song for the Dead
5. Sky is Fallin'
6. Six Shooter
7. Hangin' Tree
8. Go with the Flow
9. Gonna Leave You
10. Do It Again
11. God is in the Radio
12. Another Love Song
13. Song for the Deaf
14. Mosquito Song
15. Everybody's Gonna Be Happy
Deaf Download
Songs for the Deaf demos
You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire
No One Knows
Do It Again
Go with the Flow
God is in the Radio
First It Giveth
Another Love Song
Hangin Tree
Song for the Deaf
Mosquito Song

Songs for the Deaf extra tracks
Everybody's Gonna Be Happy - Kinks cover
Gonna Leave You - Spanish version
Last Update Nov. 19, 2002
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Housekeeping Nov. 19, 2002

This site will be moving to a new home very soon. If you've sent something in to be posted, it'll be posted soon. Sorry about the wait.

If you're in Europe, keep an eye out for Mondo Generator/Nick solo shows between the QOTSA gigs. They've done a few already.
Big Day Out Oct. 29, 2002

QOTSA is in Europe right now. If you don't have a ticket to see them, go get one, dammit.

QOTSA will be headlining the Big Day Out festival in Australia. Following that, they'll tour North America again in the spring with the Foo Fighters (not confirmed!). Get the tour dates and ticket info here.

NOTE: Dave Grohl will NOT be drumming for QOTSA on this (or any other) tour! His last show with the band was on July 28 at the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan, so don't expect to see him behind the drum kit on the next tour. Joey Castillo of Danzig is the new drummer.
today's updates (Nov. 19, 2002)
Setlists for the past month's shows are slowly coming in. If you have one that isn't here, please send it in.

What's Mark saying during the quiet part of God is in the Radio? Find out for yourself [thanks to SkullGreensteam for the mp3!].
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