Queens of the Stone Age FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions v.2.0 (August 16, 2002)

      So. You're here because you're either new to the band and have some basic questions you'd like answered, or because you're a long-time fan who has some obscure question that you think may be here. If you're questions aren't answered by this FAQ, send an angry email, or, if something's not right, send additions or corrections in.

Everyone should be able to read the faq. If you would like to volunteer translate the faq into another language so that people who don't know English can read it, please send an email.

If you don't want to bother with the HTML pages or if you want the whole thing at once, go to the text version of the FAQ here (temporarily down).

Mini FAQ: Frequently Asked Guitar Questions
written by Travis

      This FAQ is for guitarists who want answers to their tuning and playing questions. Read it here.

FAQ Translations
German translated by Andreas Bottcher of qotsa.de
Portuguese translated by Moises Coelho
Polish translated by Alina of Queens of the Stone Age PL; get this FAQ in HTML here.
1. General
1.1 Who are the Queens of the Stone Age?
1.2 First Appearance
1.3 Where Can I Find...Online?
1.4 Online Community
1.4a Message Boards
1.4b Mailing Lists
1.4c Newsgroups
1.5 Acronyms and Abbreviations

2. The Band
2.1 Origin of the Name
2.2 The Line-Up
2.2a Why it's Always Changing
2.2b Past Line-Ups
2.2c Current Line-Up
2.2d Why Dave Grohl?
2.3 Equipment
2.4 The Stoner Rock Label
2.5 For the Fanatics

3. Songs and Releases
3.1 Short Discography
3.2 Is the person on the first album's cover a man or a woman?
3.3 Who is that on the Rated R cd?
3.4 Vinyl Release info
3.5 Unreleased/Live Only Songs
3.6 Early Versions of Released Songs
3.7 Cover Songs
3.8 Is Two Tears a QOTSA Song?
3.9 Rekords Rekords

4. Related Bands/Side Projects
4.1 Kyuss
4.2 Desert Sessions
4.3 Mondo Generator
4.4 Dwarves
4.5 earthlings?
4.6 Masters of Reality
4.7 Wellwater Conspiracy
4.8 Beaver
4.9 Ween

5. Merchandise and Trading
5.1 T-Shirts/Posters/Stickers/etc.
5.2 Bootlegs
5.2a Trading
5.2b Taping

6. Credits and Disclaimer
6.1 Credits
6.2 Legal Disclaimer
6.3 Terms of Use
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