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  • 2001/08/21 - Lyrics for Song for the Deaf are up; official lyrics for Morocco and AWOL are up. Song for the Deaf is available in mp3 form now; email for the access info to get the song by itself (about 6 mbs) or download the song and Walkin on the Sidewalks here (13 mbs). Thanks to Sebastian Boschert for encoding and hosting the mp3!

  • 2001/08/15 - The Chronology is finally up. Coming very soon: a calendar and a 'how many times has QOTSA played your city?' page.

  • 2001/08/13 - Live lyrics for Infinity have been added to the lyrics page.

  • 2001/08/12 - An info page for Songs for the Deaf is up. Another interview has been added to the Interviews and Chats page.

  • 2001/08/11 - Lyrics for Kyuss' Blues for the Red Sun are up.

  • 2001/08/10 - Tab for The Gosso King of Crater Lake is up.

  • 2001/08/08 - The Links and Guitar Tab pages have been redesigned.

  • 2001/08/04 - Discography pages for all of the Desert Sessions releases are up, and the lyrics pages for volumes 1-4 have been reformatted. The Discography page has been changed as well and additions have been made to the Rated R and Gamma Ray discography pages.

  • 2001/08/02 - Guitar tab for I Want You to Die and guitar and bass tab for Cocaine Rodeo are up, as well as lyrics for the whole album. Big thanks to Sean Hayter for those. A review by Tookey of the June 7, 2001 show is up here. A shitload of pictures (27 total) from the Rock in Rio show are up in the gallery.

  • 2001/07/22 - Lyrics for 13th Floor, Shawnette, and Cocaine Rodeo from Mondo Generator's Cocaine Rodeo are up.

  • 2001/07/19 - Tab for Goin to a Hangin is up. Many thanks to Bryin for that one.

  • 2001/07/12 - The Articles and Transcripts sections have been redone. A new article and three new interviews/chats are in those sections. More to come.

  • 2001/07/10 - The Picture Gallery has been completely redone. All of the pictures are on one page now.

  • 2001/07/05 - A new tourdate is up: Aug. 21, 2001 in Belfast, Ireland. The site credits page is finally up. Big thanks to everyone who has sent anything in to the site. Two new quotes are up for Quick and to the Pointless and You Can't Quit Me Baby. Both come from yesterday's chat.

  • 2001/07/04 - A transcript of the QOTSA July 4th chat is up here.

  • 2001/07/03 - A review written by Edu for the June 20 show in Madrid is up in the fan reviews section. All of the section main pages have been redesigned. Quotes about Regular John and I Was a Teenage Hand Model are up, and there's an addition to the I Was a Teenage Hand Model lyrics.

  • 2001/06/27 - Bass tab for The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret is up; guitar tab for At the Helm of Hell's Ships is up; lyrics for Beaver's AWOL and Morocco are up; lyrics for Infinity have been fixed; and guitar tabs for If Only, The Bronze, and Mexicola have been altered based on a live video of Josh playing them.

  • 2001/06/24 - Several new links have been added: one in the QOTSA section, and several in the Official Site links section (these are all links to other bands that QOTSA like).

  • 2001/06/20 - Four new articles have been added to the articles page. They're all from 1999.

  • 2001/06/19 - In case you hadn't noticed, the main page has been completely redesigned. Also up is a brief site history.

  • 2001/06/06 - Really, really basic tab for Johnny the Boy is up. Full tab to come.

  • 2001/05/28 - New section: News. This section will have official news, some fan-oriented news, and some rumors about the band. All site news will stay in this section. Additions to the Mexicola and Walkin on the Sidewalks songlist pages have been made: they now contain extra live-only lyrics.

  • 2001/05/21 - Seven new articles and reviews from Rolling Stone and Sonicnet are up in the Articles section, including one from May 18 about Mark Lanegan's upcoming tour spots with QOTSA. Several new pictures are up in the Picture Gallery, including shots from the Dec. 11, 2000 gig and a .gif of Valium (in the Misc. section). Big thanks to everyone who sent those photos in!

  • 2001/05/20 - Rekords Rekords: Josh's New Record Label - here's the story.

  • 2001/05/03 - All of the lyrics on the Desert Sessions vols. 5 & 6 are up.

  • 2001/05/02 - Lyrics for the first four volumes of the Desert Sessions are up. Most of the lyrics on the 5th and 6th volumes are up. The FAQ is currently being worked on; most of the first section is up so far.

  • 2001/04/19 - Everything is working now in the Discography. Lyrics for the Desert Sessions vols. III and IV (except for You Keep on Talkin) are up. There are some new divisions in the lyrics section: All Songs (every damn song), QOTSA songs only, Desert Sessions songs, and Cover songs. In the future, there might be a section for Kyuss songs and songs by other bands that Josh and Nick have had a hand in.

  • 2001/04/13 - The Songlist is up and running. Some of the Discography pages have been redone, such as this one for Rated R. The rest of the pages in that section will be up soon, along with some more Desert Sessions lyrics.

  • 2001/04/03 - Lyrics for Like a Drug from the Desert Sessions are up; more UK tour dates are up on the Upcoming Shows page.

  • 2001/04/02 - Some pictures of Josh, Nick, and Gene are up in the Gallery. Thanks to Colin for those. Tab for Jr. High Love (tabbed by Bryin) is up.

  • 2001/03/23 - Added some new tour dates to the Upcoming Shows page; lyrics for A #1 are up; all sections are still being updated.

  • 2001/03/21 - More updates in the new sections, more adjustments to the old ones. Almost every section has been redone now. Lyrics for Rickshaw, Eccentric Man, and 18 AD are up. Special thanks to Bryin for sending in the Guitar World aricle and two concert reviews in.

  • 2001/03/17 - New organization, new sections, and some minor design adjustments.
    New sections:
    Fan Reviews
    Picture Gallery
    Articles and Reviews
    Interview and Chat Transcripts
    Band Chronology
    Songlist Everything isn't up and running yet, so some of the links don't work. Please send any live show reviews, pictures, articles, and just about anything else that you think should be on this site here.

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