2.4 The Stoner Rock Label

2.4 The Stoner Rock Label

Ah, the Stoner Rock label. Kyuss pioneered and perfected the style; QOTSA leads the charge into the next decade. Here's what the band has to say about the label:

"Stoner rock is like a toy truck to me," says Homme. "Sometimes you drive it around the room, and sometimes you light it on fire, do stunts with it and destroy it." ... "So it's more like we're lighting the truck on fire this time." - Josh from the 2000/09/xx Guitar World interview.

"We're not a stoner rock band, we're a rock n' roll band," says Oliveri. "I don't even smoke weed. Stoner rock... isn't that like Judas Priest and Ozzy? I mean, when you were like, in middle school, and you wore the buttons, and you were a stoner and you smoked weed. The rock I listened to was serious Priest and stuff. You want to talk about the real stoner rock--that's probably where it comes from, or where it makes the most sense at least." It's more something that someone else did than something we did," adds Homme.

"There's a whole list of things it takes to make music, and drugs are certainly one of the things on that list, but they're not the most important thing on that list. And the only thing I think is kind of weak about stoner rock is it touts the one thing on the list and goes, 'Look!' That seems almost like dumbing it down a little bit."

The only time we were stoner rock was when we played in Italy and they actually threw little rocks at us," laughs Homme. "Kyuss' last gig ever was in Italy at this anti-mafia festival, and we played with Soundgarden. And towards the end of the set, John (Garcia, singer of Kyuss) said something--he always says crazy shit--and it was on this field of gravel. And so all of a sudden, here’s some gravel." - Josh from the 2000/12/xx Rockpile article.

"We hate it," says Queens ringleader Josh Homme. "That phrase took off in Europe but I mean we're not a stoner rock band. What is that? If anything it's something we were doing four years ago before they called it stoner rock." - Josh from the 1999/01/27 Toronto Sun article.

"If I had a choice, I would take that away," Homme says. "Stoner rock, to me, is like saying the crucial element is drugs. And I don't believe that that's the case. I'm not an AA guy or anything, but at the same time I don't need any of that to make music." - Josh from the 1999/11/24 Jam! article.

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