3.9 Rekords Rekords

3.9 Rekords Rekords

Rekords Rekords is Josh Homme's very own record label, which came into existence with the help of Southern Lord Records in the summer of 2001. Josh formed the label after Man's Ruin Records went under in order to provide a home for the Desert Sessions and other bands/projects focused more on art than on selling records:

What's your main goal with the label?

Goal one is to do well enough so that some major label offers to buy Rekords Rekords for a million pounds. Then I can tell them to go fuck themselves. Goal number two, without sounding like too much of a pretentious bastard, is to put out music that is more geared towards art. Something must come out to offset the stuff that's too bubblegum.

What do you look for in bands you sign?

Well, with Rekords Rekords, we don't sign bands. We're partners. We split the money with them and they own the record when we're done. So often record labels have this cotton slave mentality, which is like 'you don't know what you're doing and you just gave me everything - thank you!'

Rekords Rekords is home to Fatso Jetson, Like Hell, and the Desert Sessions right now. Josh plans to keep its releases limited to five a year at present and only accepts demos given to him at shows.

To keep up with all the latest news and releases from the label, go to its official site.

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