1.3 Where Can I Find...Online?

1.3 Where Can I Find...Online?

Lyrics - QOTSA has never released their lyrics officially. Lyrical interpretations can be found on this site, though.

Tabs - here for guitar tab and here for bass tab.

Discography - here on this site, at qotsa.net, or at muchas gracias.

Tour Information - information about past shows can be found here and information about upcoming shows can be found here.

Articles and Interviews - there are some articles and interviews here on this site, several Kerrang articles at Regular John, several live audio and video interviews at qotsa.net, and several more at qotsa.de.

Pictures - Just Rock, qotsa.net, and qotsa.de all have large picture sections that include both official and unofficial photos.

Live Songs and Videos (mp3s, real audio, etc.) - Right now, www.qotsa.net has the best media section. For mp3s, try an online sharing service like Kazaa. The best way to obtain videos is through trading. Read more about trading in section 5.2a.

Bootlegs - information on how to obtain bootlegs is in section 5.2.

Other QOTSA Fans - several message boards exist, such as the board at the Official Site. More info on how to find other fans can be found in sections 1.4 and 1.4a-c.

QOTSA Merchandise - QOTSA cds and tapes can be found at just about any online music store (such as CD Now or Amazon) and, depending on where you live, in a store near you (if you live near a large city, you have a better chance of finding QOTSA releases). Vinyl is more difficult to find, especially the ones that are out of print. Rekords Rekords is supposed to re-release many of the hard-to-find QOTSA, Kyuss, and Desert Sessions vinyl in the future. The "limited edition" Rated R gatefold vinyl can be found just about anywhere. The best place to find out of print vinyl right now is ebay. T-shirts, stickers, posters, and other such items are very difficult to find outside of QOTSA shows. Ebay is your best bet for those.

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