3.4 Vinyl Release info

3.4 Vinyl Release info

Here are some basic edition numbers for QOTSA's releases, as well as where you're likely to find them and how much you'd have to spend to get one.

QOTSA (first LP) - released by Man's Ruin on Nov. 1, 1998 (cat no. MR151); limited to 3000 copies: 2500 black, 300 yellow, 200 green. This pressing sold out within three days of its release. The best place to find it is Ebay. Since Man's Ruin went under, expect to spend alot on this one: from 100 US dollars to 300 US dollars (the black pressings cost less, the colored pressings cost more). Check the ebay section of this site for more up-to-date price info. There also appears to be a blue vinyl pressing of this album that was done with the original pressing. It was limited to either 50 or 100 copies and may have been part of the 3000 records or may be part of an extra pressing.

QOTSA/Kyuss split LP - there was a purple edition pressed. No word on how limited it was or how available it is.

QOTSA/Beaver split LP - released by Man's Ruin on Sept. 18, 1998 (cat no. MR140); no word on how limited it was; available for 15 US dollars to 40 US dollars.

Rated R LP - released by Polydor (aka Interscope) on Nov. 17, 2000 in Germany and Nov. 27, 2000 in the UK; marketed as a "limited edition" LP, but it is available at almost any online record store and in many real record stores for about 15 US dollars.

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