5.2b Taping

5.2b Taping

First off, QOTSA DOES allow taping, provided that the shows you tape are NOT SOLD.

Now that you know that, here's what you need to do if you want to start taping. The first thing you need to do is buy a recording device and mics for audio taping, or a video camera for video taping. The two most popular recording devices are mini discs and portable DAT decks. Mini discs run between $100 and $400 right now. A portable DAT deck will cost at least $600. Mics vary in price from very cheap ($100 or so) to very expensive (thousands of dollars). Among serious tapers, DAT decks are preferred to mini discs because they provide a little more quality and because you can put more on one DAT tape than you can on one mini disc (this is VERY important, since you're most likely to get caught taping a show when you switch your tape/disc). However, if you're a first-time taper, you're not terribly concerned with having a bit more quality, and you don't have $700 to spend on a DAT deck, get a mini disc. The issue of mics is complicated enough that it won't be explained here. Visit this site for more info on mics.

Now that you have the equipment, you need to know how to go about taping the show. QOTSA supports bootlegging, but the venues they play sometimes don't. This brings up the issue of stealth recording. For tips on stealth recording, go to section 6.7 of the SPFC's FAQ. One technique that is not mentioned on that page is this (addendum to Option B under "Where Do I Put the Mics?"): the site suggests that you clip the mics on the outside of a baseball cap. You're likely to get caught if you do this, so an alternative to it is to make the first two holes in your cap wider and tape the mics inside the cap, just under the holes. The mics will not be visible if you do this and having them that high on your body ensures a better recording. The only issue here is what to do with the mic wires, as they will run down the back of your cap. Try running them under your shirt and bringing a t-shirt to drape over your neck to hide the wires (unless your hair is long enough to conceal them). You're not very likely to get caught using this method.

For more info on all things mini disc, go here. For more info DAT decks and recording, go here. For more info on buying and recording with mics, go here.

note: video taping is not covered here; if you're a video taper and you'd like to contribute your knowledge and experience, please send an email.

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