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What's New
QOTSA News Recent Updates
Here you have the three most recent QOTSA news updates. Enjoy. Please send any news or rumors not listed here

August 30, 2001
Desert Sessions Release Dates
The Desert Sessions release dates have been changed again. Looks like the vinyl will now be out when the CDs are out. Here are the current CD release dates:
Europe - Sept. 24
US/everyone else - Oct. 16

To make up for this, Southerlord has posted the Radio 1 Desert Rock Documentary on it's Desert Sessions page. Go to to check it out.

August 20, 2001
Two New QOTSA Songs
QOTSA unveiled two new songs at the Bizarre Festival on Saturday: Go With the Flow and Song for the Deaf. Go With the Flow may be on the new Desert Sessions and it may be on the new album, but Song for the Deaf is almost surely a new album song. Mark Lanegan did the vocal duties on Song for the Deaf. Huge thanks to Fabian Grenz for the info.

August 17, 2001
Man's Ruin RIP
It appears that the rumor was true. A post in the news section of Fu Manchu's official site confirms it: "our "godzilla's / eatin dust" record is now out of print. mans ruin records went out of business. we will re-release it, either on brants duna records or through another label." RIP Man's Ruin.

For old news, go to the news section.
Note: This site is updated daily, but those updates usually involve small things, such as adding a setlist in the Tour History. Small things like that are not listed in the updates section.

Sept. 3, 2001
Bass tab for In the Fade, written by Alex Peters, is up.

August 29, 2001
Lyrics for Kyuss' Sky Valley are up. Tab for You're So Vague, written by Fabian Grenz, is up (standard tuning only for now; C-tuing to come). Two new photos are up: one of Josh by Alberto and a ticket scan by mudhoney. Thanks guys!

August 25, 2001
Lyrics for Kyuss' And the Circus Leaves Town have been added to the lyrics section.

August 23, 2001
Lyrics for Go with the Flow are up. Go with the Flow is also available for download. Email for details. Thanks to Menno for encoding and posting it!

August 21, 2001
Lyrics for Song for the Deaf are up; official lyrics for Morocco and AWOL are up. Song for the Deaf is available in mp3 form now; email for the access info to get the song. Thanks to Sebastian Boschert for encoding the mp3!

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