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Table of Contents

1. General Info
1.1 Who are the Queens of the Stone Age?
1.2 First Appearance
1.3 Where Can I Find...Online?
1.4 Online Community
1.4a Message Boards
1.4b Mailing Lists
1.4c Newsgroups
1.5 Acronyms and Abbreviations

2. The Band
2.1 Origin of the Name
2.2 Kyuss to QOTSA: Why the band was started
2.3 The Line-Up
2.3a Why it's Always Changing
2.3b Past Line-Ups
2.3c Current Line-Up
2.4 Short Bios
2.5 Equipment
2.6 The Stoner Rock Label

3. Songs and Releases
3.1 Short Discography
3.2 Is the person on the first album's cover a man or a woman?
3.3 Who is that on the Rated R cd?
3.4 Vinyl Release info
3.5 Unreleased/Live Only Songs
3.6 Early Versions of Released Songs
3.7 Cover Songs

5. Related Bands/Side Projects
4.1 Kyuss
4.2 Desert Sessions
4.3 Mondo Generator
4.4 Dwarves
4.5 earthlings?
4.6 Masters of Reality
4.7 Wellwater Conspiracy

5. Merchandise and Trading
5.1 T-Shirts
5.2 Posters/Stickers/etc.
5.3 Bootlegs
5.4 Trading
5.5 Taping
5.6 B+P

6. Credits and Disclaimer
6.1 Credits
6.2 Disclaimer

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