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Kyuss: Mondo Generator
From the album: 'Blues For The Red Sun' (Dali)v © 1992 Dali Records
Lyrics by N. Oliveri
Music by Kyuss
Transcribed by Sean Hayter © 2001

Tuning: Down 2 Whole Steps to C (C-F-Bb-Eb-G-C)
Notes: 'Mondo Generator' is track #13 on 'Blues For The Red Sun'

Main Riff:

Main Riff 2: End Riff:

Outro Solo

The lyrics are hard to understand as the singer (Nick Oliveri) has an effect on his voice, therefore, I am not 100% sure on this one.

Ah! Whoís gonna take you there?
Youíre such a good way back...long
Youíre such a good way back
Youíre such a good way back...long
Way from here
Yeah, yeah down

Whatís the difference?
What do you do?
Mondo generator
Well, I try to cross the edge
Well, who, who can find me there?

I want to find you there, Iím never coming
Who was the tragic fool? Whatís wrong with my head?

You try to match it without a hope in hell, youíre such a fool
I cannot take you there
What does, what does, what does it take?
Every time I knew you, you try to, I canít hear you there

Thereís something there
You try to match it without a hope in hell, you fucking fool
What fucking difference does it make?
Thereís nothing left but what goes up
Thereís nothing left but what goes up
Thereís nothing left but what goes up
Thereís nothing left but what goes up
I gotta do something or what will happen there might fuck

When you look back you gotta a long way to go there
What the fucking hell is going on?
I tried more and more
I gotta give
Get back, you gotta give