Desert Sessions vols. 3 & 4
Edition Info
Release Date Label ID Format Origin Notes No.
1998/05/11 Man's Ruin MR111 10" US volume 3 [1]
1998/07/21 Man's Ruin MR112 10" US volume 4 [2]
1998/10/26 Man's Ruin MR113 1CD US vols. 3 & 4 [3]
Nova [1] - [3]
At the Helm of Hell's Ships [1] - [3]
Avon [1] - [3]
Sugar Rush [1] - [3]
The Gosso King of Crater Lake - [2] [3]
Monsters in the Parasol - [2] [3]
Jr. High Love - [2] [3]
Eccentric Man [Groundhogs] - [2] [3]
Hogleg - [2] [3]
You Keep on Talkin (bonus track) - - [3]
Two groups of guys make up the bands on volume four. They are the Eagles of Death Metal and the Green Monarchs
The Eagles of Death Metal are:
Loo Balls - Vocals
Carlo Von Sextron (Josh Homme) - Drums, Breath
Craig Armstrong - Bass
T. Fresh - Turntables, Table Turner
The Green Monarchs are:
Nick Oliveri - Guitar, Vocals
Tony Tornay - Drums
Boomer - Guitar, Keys
Larri Lalli - Bass
Josh Homme - Backgrounds, Guitar, Vocals, Background Vocals
Alfredo Hernandez - Drums
Chris Goss - Vocals
Mario Lalli - Vocals, Guitar
The third volume is titled Set Co-Ordinates for the White Dwarf, and the fourth volume is titled Hard Walls and Little Trips
Volume 3 is limited to 3000 copies on translucent vinyl. Volume 4 is on cream white vinyl
The bonus track found only on the CD is: You Keep on Talkin (track 10)
Eccentric Man is a cover of a song by the British blues band, the Groundhogs, and Monsters in the Parasol is the same version that is on Rated R, minus the last line ("I'll cut your pretty face")
You can order the cd from Rekords Rekords, since Man's Ruin Records is now defunct
"Basically, this records is a sun scorched, drug induced rock party with a revolving door of who's who in the obscure world of underground rock. Dessert Session is the brainchild of guitar wanker Josh Homme and features a long list of partners in crime: Peter Stahl, John Paul Mcbain, Ben Shepard, Alfredo Hernandez, Musharitas, Dave Catching, Fred Drake, Jesse (The Devil) Hughes,Loo Balls, Carlos Von Sexron, Craig Armstrong, T. Fresh, Larry Lalli, Boomer, Chris Goss, Nick Oliveri, Tony Tornay, T.S. McPhee, and Marlo Lalli. Shit I hope I didn't forget any one. Originally released on two fancy ten inchers, this CD slab collects said wax slices and slips in a bonus track." - Rekords Rekords
Pressing Info
1. 3000 copies on transparent vinyl
2. Unknown pressing quantity on cream white vinyl
3. Unknown pressing quantity
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Desert Sessions vol. 3 cover Desert Sessions vol. 4 cover Desert Sessions vols. 3 & 4 cover

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