4.2 Desert Sessions

4.2 Desert Sessions

The Desert Sessions are Josh Homme and co.'s on-going project. Every year or two, Josh and his friends (usually members of other bands, such as Kyuss, QOTSA, Masters of Reality, earthings?, Fasto Jetson, Monster Magnet, etc.) gather in the desert to drink, smoke, and make some incredible music. The first six volumes of the Desert Sessions were released by Man's Ruin. They are now being released by Josh Homme's record label, Rekords Rekords. You can usually find the cd versions of the Desert Sessions in good record shops. The vinyl is harder to find (check Ebay). The first six volumes of the Desert Sessions are going to be re-released by Rekords Rekords, but until then, finding them will be difficult.

Volumes of the Desert Sessions are released two at a time on cd and one at a time on vinyl (except for the 7th and 8th volumes, where were released as a double LP). Each volume contains five or six songs; the cd versions contain one or two bonus tracks not found on the vinyl. The songs themselves range from real rock 'n roll (see Rickshaw, Cake (Who Shit on the?), Avon, Monsters in the Parasol, A #1, The Idiots Guide, etc.) to complete insanity (see Hogleg, Interpretive Reading, Preachin, Man's Ruin Preach, You Keep on Talkin, Take Me to Your Leader, Winners, Ending, Piano Bench Breaks, etc.). Expect the unexpected from the Desert Sessions.

The Desert Sessions:

Volume 1: Instrumental Driving Music for Felons (1997)
Volume 2: Status: Ships Commander Butchered (1998)
Volume 3: Set Co-Ordinates for the White Dwarf (1998)
Volume 4: Hard Walls and Little Trips (1998)
Volume 5: Poetry for the Masses: She Shed Shithead by the She Sore (1999)
Volume 6: Poetry for the Masses: Black Anvil Ego (1999)
Volume 7: Gypsy Marches (2001)
Volume 8: Can You See Under My Thumb? There You Are (2001)

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