Walkin on the Sidewalks


Got some action on the other side
Loose teeth in my head
New programs are coming in
So rise and take your oath
I wish we could get away
Drink wine and screw
I knew someone else before
Looked alot like you

And they’re gone
I’m gone
In space

I been programed as I said before
Just rollin, wheezin and breathin
Eyeballs and teeth
Words are weightless here on earth
Because they’re free
You knew someone else before
Looked alot like me

repeat chorus 2x


Sometimes, QOTSA plays an extended version of this song live with extra lyrics at the end. They are:

I want you to want me
Cause I want you
I want you to fuck/love me
Because I love you
I go on forever

Available On

Queens of the Stone Age


Josh Homme - Guitar, Vocals
Carlo (Josh Homme) - Bass
Alfredo Hernandez - Drums
Hutch - Sound

Guitar Tab

Bass Tab

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