Eccentric Man


My chest is a 36
My overcoat is for a 42
My trousers end six inches from the ground
Three inches from my shoe
Tied up with a piece of string and
Held together with fish spoon glue

Call me an eccentric man
I donít believe I am

My bed is a fourspin chamber
Sheets and blankets on newspaper pages
The people think Iím crazy
But I know Iím wiser than all the saviors
Cause I have money, they think that Iím a fool
To them when I do but I know itís right

Call me an eccentric man
I donít fool you man

If ever I want to
I could have the comfort of my country home
But until that time
Iím quite content to have
Walls made of bridge stones
A carpet of moss, a ceiling of sky
And a brown rat for a watchdog

Call me an eccentric man
I donít believe I am


Groundhogs cover
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Desert Sessions vol. 4
Groundhogs - Thank Christ for the Bomb

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