2001/06/20 - Sala Arena: Madrid, SP

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Yogourt Daze (not quite sure the spelling is right), a Spaniard band opened and did a short set. They played fast and hard. I liked them. They are kind of Nirvana like. They introduced QotSA with a version of BB's Sabotage which was really good and fired up the attendance.

QotSA started fifteen minutes late, but were granted forgiveness afterwards. They came on stage and kicked off with Feel Good Hit of the Summer, and man that is the only song I recall in their set's proper order. The show was awesome. They played a lot of songs from their first record: Avon, If Only, Mexicola, Regular John and I think they played You Can't Quit me Baby. I'm pretty sure they also played at least one Mondo Generator song but I can't remember the name. The ones they played from R were The Quick and the Pointless, Tension Head, and The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret (on their first encore). They played some more but I just canīt remember which ones. They ended the set, said goodbye, and came back again for two encores, a total of three more songs. Nick seemed to enjoy the show because he came back onstage naked. From that point on I can't tell you much (not that I have) because I had some crazy wannabegroupie dancing in front of me. Anyway it was a kick-ass show.

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