2001/06/07 - Newport Centre: Newport, UK

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A couple of friends and I went to see QOTSA at Newport on June 7th 2001. Supporting them were Goatsnake & King Adora. Goatsnake were the first band on. Id never heard Goatsnake before, but they still rocked. King Adora werent as good as i thought they were gonna be. At about 9:00, QOTSA came on. They opened the set with Feel Good Hit of the Summer, the crowd knew it was going to be a good night. They played everything of Rated R and a few songs of QOTSA, like Regular John, Avon(which blew my mind), and You would know. They let out a couple of B-sides, such as Baby Your'e so Vague. After The gig had finished we went round to the tour bus. I went off to try and find some posters or something to get signed. My friends met Nick and Josh and were talkin to them for quite a while, when i got back Nick, Josh and Mark had gone back inside. We waited around for a bit and Josh came back out(Yay!). I didnt know how tall he actually was until I came face to face with him. He signed my stuff and put a message saying "NO BOOTLEGS" on it. He signed and took a bite out of my friends piece of cardboard(I dont know why he bit it, we were trying to get him to spit on it). After talking to him he went back inside again. I was still a bit gutted cos i only

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