2001/01/19 - Rock in Rio: Rio de Janeiro

Review by:
Moises Coelho

despite of the incredibly shitty line up of the 7-day brazilian festival, i really looked forward to see the queens playing down here, because it would be interesting in a lot of ways. 1st - they were playing with iron maiden and sepultura. i have no problem with sepultura, and i think maiden sucks, but thats not the case. those two bands arent anything but worshipped by brazilian metal fans, bruce dickinson himself said one time that brazilian fans were the craziest in the world, tied with the east europeans, and metal fans arent exactly known for their musical taste flexibility. 2nd - qotsa is almost totally unknown in brazil. i have a small brazilian homepage dedicated to them, the only brazilian one, and i get, like, 4 hits a day, and probably by the same people. rumor is that the foo fighters imposed a qotsa show as a condition for theirs, so there was this doubt in the air, if qotsa was gonna be the faith no more of rock in rio III (faith no more came to RiR II as an unknown band and turned out to be one of the highlites of the festival).

hell no. in a disgusting display of machismo, when the crowd saw a clearly happy, totally naked nick oliveri entering the main stage, they started to scream kind words as 'faggot', or 'motherfucker'. they probably forgot that the biggest holiday in the country is basically based in naked women on live tv. pretty sad, and i was still really pissed, when josh went to stage, totally high. as they were playing in the 'metal day', the setlist was almost totally made of heavy songs, i dont know if it's their usual one, but it was pretty heavy. they started with tension head, and here comes more shit. the sound, one of the low points of the festival, which seemed to fail in every single fuckin show, was again badly set and nick's mic went mute, so, it was like an 'instrumental' tension head. then they played 6 more songs, joined by every bad word you can think of and a long line of drooling coming out of my mouth. after this one song, i dont remember which one right now, josh stopped playing, looked at the nervous crowd, stood still for a couple of seconds and then did those metal fingers thing, looking straight to the horizon, really funny. and then the gran finale: an 15 minute version of 'you cant quit me baby' + kyuss' 'supa scoopa and mighty scoop', with some brazilian capoeira dancers and players on stage. never heard so many 'boos' in my life, but it was worthy. i wasnt pissed anymore by that time because i was sure i checked one of the best concerts i was gonna see in my whole life, if not the best one. josh ended the song and jumped on the drum set, wrecking the whole thing. he probably got hurt or something because it was fucking insane.

then, to complete the brazilian shame, one of the biggest hypocrites of the world, this egomaniac judge whose name i'm glad i forgot, had nick arrested for 'indecent behaviour', although he was already told to wear pants in the middle of the concert and he did, because, according to him, 'there was small kids on the venue who couldnt see that kind of thing'. yeah, right. at least he got released shortly later and i hope the guys aren't pissed with brazilian people, because god knows they'll be more than welcome here later to play gigs in clubs and smaller venues, with no small minded dipshit metalheads.

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