2000/11/03 - The Tabernacle: Atlanta, GA USA

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so i heard QotSA were opening up for foo fighters ... i did some serious scraping and came up with enough money for 2 tix (me and my g/f) i had already bought tix for smashing pumpkins at the united center and had to get plane tix and hotels and so on and so on ... so i basically starved for the month of november ... i had gotten to know the songs alot better since i had seen them at the cotton club and was pumped to see them and kinda wanted to see the foo fighters (though we left before the foos played bc my g/f HATES them A LOT)

so the trip there was easier this time due to the fact that elaina knows atl better than me and Ray ...we get there and the place is CRAMPED apparently the tabernacle has no fire codes bc there was NO room ... and i hated the place ..... i forced my way through the sweaty crowd of well i'll get into that in a second ... i went to the left hand side of the stage when i saw the BARRACADES ... i hate barracades and i hate the tabernacle ... now the people who go to shows at the tabernacle are predominantly 99x listeners .... what does this mean? it means that the audience is comprised of 15 year olds and 27 and ups the 15 year olds shop at abercrombie and fitch and have an older brother who buys them beer and the 15 yr old girls wear A LOT of lip gloss (which if they were my age i wouldnt have a problem with it but they arent so i keep my fetish with lips tame) ... now the 27 and ups well the dudes dont get on my nerves they are just typical guys and are pretty much just overgrown versions of the 15 year olds except they have "experience" and think they know a bunch of good lines to pick up chicks (the top one being "did it hurt? .... when you fell from heaven? hyuckhyuck" lame is not a strong enough word .... the 27 and up girls are well they smell like french whores and even the ugly ones think they are cute ... they are usually trying to get some guys attention and if a band isnt to their liking they try to say something funny .... once at a metallica show lars announced that james wasnt going to be there bc of a hurt back but they were going to put on a show with the help of korn and kid rock ... welll the 27 and up guys were pumped (and drunk) and these french whore types (who ill admit were attractive in this case though extremely drunk) said top them "lets leave james isnt here" the guys thought about it awhile and i guess decided scoring was more important than seeing metallica play without james for the first time ever ... i can relate but i would not have been so foolish as to leave that concert...... so within that mini-rant you have an idea of what the croowd is like

QotSA come out and play feel good ... childish snickering ensues .... i rock out but am annoyed ... they announce that there are cameras (which were filming the balcony audience) and then start lost art which is flawless this time ... i am having a rocking good time but the crowd is not in between songs i hear "who are these guys?" from a 27&upper and see the abercrombie & fifteen year olds in front of me wave to their friend who is seated in the balcony IN THE BACK OF THE VENUE asses .... i did hear one guy say "this one is called regular john" to which i yelled (i never yell at concerts but i did several times at this one bc i wanted them to hear that some one enjoyed their music i dont think they heard)

one thing i have to say about QotSA even their bad nights are EXCELLENT i have not heard a bad performance from them yet ... i think they were pissed at the audience that night i know i was i was glad to leave and though i would like to see the foos i dont think i ever will bc i dont want to deal with some of their fans ... someone i met said they heard the QotSA show i just described sounded horrible and that the performance wasnt any good ... i responded with "your friend is full of shit and should probably be banned from any real concerts in the future" oh well one less asshole at the next QotSA show .... from recent discussions with QotSA fans the audience problem was common ... i hope no first timers have this same misfortune

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