You Keep on Talkin
Desert Sessions vols. 5 & 6

The hours, days, and months of trial
Which represent the change or modification
In any one of the millions of components
Of todayís search for the future
May best be translated by the following
Sound series

That you need to know
Itís cloggin up your mind
Before we start playin
Man, I thought you were college people here
You must have some questions
Thatís why you goin to school
You donít know shit

I beg your pardon, I couldnít hear ya
Get up and do anything

Itís hip, the way you dance now-a-days
You know, you used to have to get a lady
Walk out on the floor and dance
Shit, now you can just walk out there
And be dancin
Thatís real hip
But you could never get a lady

Three, two, one, release

One test
One of many tests
Each one has been a step
Forward and upward
Into the vast deep blue unknown

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