Other Bands for Trade

Trading Rules:
1. Always burn in DAO.
2. No mp3-sourced material.
3. Don't write on the discs.
4. Burn at or under 4x.
5. Use name-brand discs (ie, Sony, Maxel, Verbatim, etc.).

Currently Available for Trade:
YYYY.MM.DD Venue: Location LEN/SRC/FMT/GR REC/GEN info
...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead
2002.09.27 Verizon Wireless Theater: Houston, TX xxx/AUD/CDR/xx master; I only got a very small part of this show and it's not yet transferred
2002.09.28 Stubb's BBQ: Austin, TX xxx/AUD/CDR/xx master; had some mic trouble so some editing will be done to this show when it's transferred
2002.09.29 Granada Theater: Dallas, TX xxx/AUD/CDR/xx master; had some mic trouble so some editing will be done to this show when it's transferred
2002.10.05 Fillmore: San Francisco, CA 051/AUD/CDR/09 1st gen; some mic trouble
1992.12.18 The Boathouse: Norfolk, VA 035/AUD/CDR/06 unk gen and src; sounds pretty rough
1993.03.31 Entertainment Centre: Sydney, AUS 036/AUD/CDR/08 unk gen and src
1994.07.31 N-Sect Club: Norfolk, VA 063/AUD/CDR/08 unk gen and src
1994.10.19 The Opera House: Columbia, SC 091/AUD/CDR/08 unk gen and src; all songs are on one track (on both discs)
1994.10.20 unknown: Atlanta, GA 043/AUD/CDR/08 unk gen and src
1994.11.24 San Francisco, CA 055/AUD/CDR/09 unk gen; DAT src; this show is often listed as Nov. 12, 1994 or Nov. 12, 1995
1995.02.09 Tivoli: Utrecht, NL 077/AUD/CDR/07 unk gen and src; staticy
1995.02.21 Ciricoio Begii Artisiti: Rome, IT 073/AUD/CDR/07 unk gen and src; known as the "Desert Heavies" bootleg; some skips/bits of drop out between tracks
1995.03.02 LA2: London, UK 094/AUD/CDR/09 unk gen and src; there is some digi noise at the beginning of track 6 on disc 1 and track 5 on disc 2
1995.07.28 The Back Room: Austin, TX 073/AUD/CDR/09 sourced from the "Mercurious Pools" bootleg, unk gen; the audience is snipped out between tracks; blip on track 10; drop out between 8 & 9 and 9 & 10
1995.08.19 Bizarre Festival: Weeze, DE 032/FM /CDR/10 unk gen and src; the Sons of Kyuss vinyl rounds out the time on the disc
1995.08.25 Pukkelpop Festival: Hasselt, BE 056/AUD/CDR/09 unk gen and src; bit of drop out in 50 Million Year Trip
1995.09.04 Stadhalle: Offenbach, DE 038/AUD/CDR/09 unk gen and src; sounds like it's in mono
xxxx/xx/xx Sons of Kyuss 023/??/CDR/10 I'm not sure what the exact source is for this--I'm guessing it's a cd because the sound is so clean
xxxx/xx/xx Sons of Kyuss 066/VL/CDR/09 this disc has the Sons of Kyuss vinyl transfer and an early live show whose date I don't know; the live show gets about a 6/10 since it doesn't sound great
Modest Mouse
2000.12.30 The Crystal Ballroom: Portland, OR 111/SBD/CDR/10 unk gen; SBD > DAT > SoundForge; sounds fantastic
1992.06.10 Club de Wash: Madison, WI 061/SBD/CDR/10 3rd gen
1992.06.11 Uptown Lounge: Minneapolis, MN 062/SBD/CDR/09 3rd gen
1992.06.13 Shank Hall: Milwaukee, WI 047/SBD/CDR/10 3rd gen
1997.06.24 The MCV: Utrecht, NL 078/FM /CDR/10 unk gen; some blips and track 11 skips
1997.12.19 Hammerstein Ballroom: New York, NY 071/TV /CDR/08 some dips in audio; gen unknown
2000.09.16 Goffertpark: Nijmegen, NL 051/AUD/CDR/09 unk gen and rec; some blips/channel drop out on the first few tracks
2001.06.18 C.W. Mitchell Pavilion: Woodlands, TX xxx/AUD/CDR/09 rec info coming soon/1st gen
2001.06.27 Shoreline Amphitheatre: Mountain View, CA 116/AUD/CDR/09 sounds good; gen and source unknown
2001.07.30 Meadow at Stone Mountain: Atlanta, GA xxx/AUD/CDR/07 rec info coming soon/1st gen
Smashing Pumpkins
1988.10.05 Metro: Chicago, IL (CR-05) 037/AUD/CDR/10 ANA->CDR2
1988.11.23 Metro: Chicago, IL 030/AUD/CDR/09 ANA->CDR3; same disc as 1989.04.30
1989.04.30 Metro: Chicago, IL 035/AUD/CDR/09 ANA->CDR3; same disc as 1988.11.23
1990.06.16 Club de Walsh: Madison, WI 034/FM /CDR/09 ANA1->DAT->CDR?; with 1996.03.13
1991.02.09 TT The Bear's Place: Cambridge, MA 051/AUD/CDR/07 boot->CDR2; Tribute to BOC
1991.02.12 CBGB's: New York, NY 042/AUD/CDR/08 boot->CDR2; Party All Night
1991.07.18 Khyber Pass Pub: Philadelphia, PA 055/AUD/CDR/06 ANA->CDR?; most of Silverfuck cut
1991.08.20 Backstage Tavern: Seattle, WA 062/SBD/CDR/09 boot->CDR2; Virgins
1991.12.17 Whiskey a Go-Go: Los Angeles, CA 062/AUD/CDR/08 boot->CDR2; Daydream Kisses
1992.01.19 Paard Von Troje: Den Haag, NL 076/SBD/CDR/10 boot->CDR2; Rawk
1992.08.05 Washington Sqaure: Miami, FL 092/AUD/CDR/06 ANA->CDR2
1992.08.10 328 Performance Hall: Nashville, TN 070/AUD/CDR/06 ANA->CDR3; lots of tape problems
1992.12.11 Roxy: Atlanta, GA USA 045/AUD/CDr/07 VID->CDR3
1993.06.30 VPRO Radio: Hilversum, NL 049/FM /CDR/10 boot->CDR1; Cutting Edge
1993.08.14 Metro: Chicago, IL 059/SBD/CDR/10 boot->CDR1; 3ft High
1993.08.27 Lowlands Festival: Dronten, NL 035/pFM/CDR/10 boot->CDR1; Cutting Edge
1993.10.31 MTV Studios: NYC, NY 030/TV /CDR/10 CDR?; with 1993.08.27
1994.xx.xx Earphoria: misc. shows 1992-1994 074/SBD/CDR/10 boot->CDR3
1994.02.25 Astoria Theatre: London, England UK 076/SBD/CDR/10 boot->CDR2
1994.06.18 Double Door: Chicago, IL 062/AUD/CDR/07 ANA->CDR2; Starchildren *upgrade*
1994.08.20 Starplex Amphitheater: Dallas, TX 080/AUD/CDR/07 D7->CDR3
1995.02.21 Double Door: Chicago, IL 060/AUD/CDR/06 boot->CDR2; Double Door
1995.12.12 Melkweg: Amsterdam, NL 073/SBD/CDR/09 boot->CDR3; Mellon Collie at the Max
1996.01.03 Phoenix: Toronto, CAN 120/AUD/CDR/08 boot->CDR2; Dusk
1996.01.12 Academy: NYC, NY 136/AUD/CDR/07 CDR?; missing both encores
1996.02.02 Palace: Los Angeles, CA USA 145/AUD/CDR/09 DAT->CDR?; pop within first second of 1st and 3rd discs
1996.04.03 Ahoy: Rotterdam, NL 120/AUD/CDR/09 boot->CDR2; Thank You For Participating
1996.04.12 Spektrum: Oslo, NO 073/AUD/CDR/09 CDR3; Beautiful as the Sun; missing encores
1996.05.02 Cascais Bullfight Arena: Lisbon, PT xxx/AUD/CDR/08 CDR2; noise from rain hitting mics
1996.07.06 Corestates Spectrum: Philadelphia, PA 118/AUD/CDR/09 SS-DSM6/D8->CDR?
1996.08.30 McNichols Arena: Denver, CO 043/AUD/CDR/08 DAT->CDR3
1997.01.08 GM Place: Vancouver, BC (soundcheck) 072/AUD/CDR/07 CSB->D7->CDR?
1997.07.05 Belgacom '97: Torhout, BE 093/FM?/CDR/10 Sennheiser->D7->CDR
1998.05.31 Olympia Theater: Dublin, IE 090/FM/CDR/10 CDR?
1998.06.09 Lycabettus Theatre: Athens, GR 130/SBD/CDR/10 CDR3; transmission cut (on all copies)
1998.07.12 Bayou Place: Houston, TX 130/FM /CDR/10 DAT->CDR2; radio noise on 1979 and Transmission
1998.07.28 Tower Theatre: Upper Darby, PA 120/FM /CDR/10 CDR3
1998.08.05 Grand Ole Opry: Nashville, TN 107/AUD/CDR/07 CDR3; some clicks, lots of yelling
1998.08.06 Ovens Auditorium: Charlotte, NC USA 127/AUD/CDR/09 DAT->CDR3
1998.12.12 Shrine Auditorium: Los Angeles, CA 055/FM /CDR/08 DAT->CDR3
1999.03.25 Metro: Chicago, IL USA 126/AUD/CDR/08 CDR3
1999.04.14 Tramps: NYC, USA 097/AUD/CDR/09 MD->CDR2; Zero and Pug at end of 2nd disc
1999.04.15 New 9:30 Club: Washington DC 120/AUD/CDR/09 ?->CDR3
1999.12.20 Metro: Chicago, IL 097/AUD/CDR/08 ?->CDR2; BWBW cut; no AA
1999.12.29 Vicar Street Bar: Dublin, IE 064/AUD/CDR/08 CDR3
2000.01.07 Circus: Stockholm, SE 100/AUD/CDR/09 MD->CDR3
2000.01.09 Cirkusbygningen: Copenhagen, DK 120/AUD/CDR/07 ANA?->CDR
2000.01.11 Muffathalle: Muenchen, DE 122/AUD/CDR/09 DAT->CDR3
2000.01.15 Lisbon Colseum: Lisbon, PT 131/AUD/CDR/08 MD->CDR2; SIYL cut
2000.01.24 Muziekcentrum Vrendenburg: Utrecht, NL 127/TV /CDR/10 DAT->CDR2
2000.02.06 Edge: Palo Alto, CA 120/DAT/CDR/09 Schoeps->M1 DM->CDR?
2000.02.19 Cat's Cradle: Carborro, NC xxx/AUD/CDR/07 CDR?; cut before improv
2000.02.27 Canopy Club: Urbrana, IL 052/AUD/CDR/04 CDR; *soundcheck*
2000.02.29 HMV: New York, NY 055/AUD/CDR/10 CDR2
2000.03.02 Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel: Providence, RI 142/AUD/CDR/08 CDR2
2000.03.07 Columbia City Theatre: Seattle, WA 051/AUD/CDR/10 CDR2
2000.03.10 Musique Plus: Montreal, CAN 035/TV /CDR/09 CDR3
2000.04.08 Memorial Hall: Kansas City, KS 113/AUD/CDR/06 DAT->CDR2
2000.04.16 Aragon Ballroom: Chicago, IL USA 130/FM /CDR/09 DAT->CDR3
2000.04.21 Hara Arena: Dayton, OH 120/AUD/CDR/09 CDR3
2000.04.23 Memorial Athletic Center: Kent, OH 120/AUD/CDR/09 CDR3
2000.05.01 Electric Factory: Philadelphia, PA 133/FM /CDR/10 FM->DAT->CDR3
2000.05.02 Greensboro Coliseum Complex: Greensboro, NC 136/AUD/CDR/09 CDR3
2000.05.05 Ruth Eckerd Hall: Clearwater, FL 130/AUD/CDR/09 DAT->CDR3
2000.05.06 Sunrise Theatre: Sunrise, FL 133/FM /CDR/10 FM->CDR1
2000.05.08 Hard Rock Live: Orlando, FL 129/AUD/CDR/07 Hi8->CDR3
2000.05.09 Tabernacle: Atlanta, GA 127/FM /CDR/10 DAT->CDR2
2000.05.10 Boutwell Auditorium: Birmingham, AL 110/AUD/CDR/09 CDR3
2000.05.12 Bronco Bowl: Dallas, TX 125/AUD/CDR/09 MD->CDR2
2000.05.13 Aerial Theater: Houston, TX 125/AUD/CDR/08 DAT->CDR2
2000.05.14 Music Hall: Austin, TX 105/AUD/CDR/09 DAT->CDR1
2000.05.19 Amphitheatre: Mesa, AZ 101/AUD/CDR/08 MD->CDR3
2000.05.20 Open Air Theatre: San Diego, CA 128/AUD/CDR/09 DAT->CDR3
2000.05.xx S+P SBD comp 073/SBD/CDR/10 CDR3
2000.05.23 Universal Amphitheatre: Los Angeles, CA 123/AUD/CDR/06 CDR3
2000.05.29 Paramount Ballroom: Seattle, WA 115/AUD/CDR/08 CDR3; some static on 1st disc
2000.05.30 Civic Auditorium: Portland, OR 125/AUD/CDR/08 CDR3; static on 2nd disc
2000.06.24 Koseinenkin Hall: Hiroshima, JP 102/AUD/CDR/08 DAT->CDR3
2000.06.27 Castle Hall: Osaka, JP 093/AUD/CDR/08 DAT->CDR2
2000.06.30 Budokan: Tokyo, JP 131/AUD/CDR/08 DAT->CDR2
2000.07.02 Kokusai Forum: Tokyo, Japan 133/AUD/CDR/09 CDR3
2000.08.11 Molson Park: Barrie, CAN 072/AUD/CDR/09 DAT->CDR3; part of S+P cut
2000.08.12 Parterre: Montreal, CAN 074/FM /CDR/10 DAT->CDR2
2000.08.24 Storytellers: New York, NY 149/AUD/CDR/10 CDR2
2000.09.16 Arena: Berlin, DE 131/AUD/CDR/09 OKM-II->SBM1->M1->CDR1
2000.09.18 Sportshalle: Hamburg, DE 132/AUD/CDR/09 OKM-II->SBM1->M1->CDR1
2000.09.21 Ballsporthalle: Frankfurt, DE 118/AUD/CDR/09 OKM-II->SBM1->M1->CDR1
2000.09.23 Arena: Oberhausen, DE 126/AUD/CDR/09 OKM-II->SBM1->M1->CDR1
2000.09.24 Olympiahalle: Munich, DE 135/AUD/CDR/09 OKM-II->SBM1->M1->CDR1
2000.10.02 Zenith: Toulouse, FR 126/AUD/CDR/09 CSBmod->M1->CDR?
2000.10.16 Halles Tony Garnier: Lyon, FR 130/AUD/CDR/09 DAT->CDR3
2000.10.22 Spektrum: Oslo, NO 130/AUD/CDR/09 MD->CDR2
2000.10.23 Hovet: Stockholm, SE 117/AUD/CDR/09 MD->CDR?
2000.11.01 NEC: Birmingham, UK 092/AUD/CDR/09 MD->CDR3
2000.11.29 United Center: Chicago, IL 164/AUD/CDR/09 CDR2
1986.xx.xx The Marked Joliet Rehersal Tape xxx/STU/CDR/10 CDR2?
1986.04.15 The Marked Attic Reharsal Tape xxx/STU/CDR/10 CDR2?
1988.xx.xx Nothing Ever Changes xxx/STU/CDR/10 CDR2?
1989.xx.xx Reel Time Studios xxx/STU/CDR/10 SHN->CDR2
1989.xx.xx Previeu I 063/VAR/CDR/09 CDR2
1994.xx.xx Mashed Potatoes 065/STU/CDR/07 CDR2
1994.xx.xx Mashed Potatoes (clean) 070/STU/CDR/09 CDR2
1994.xx.xx Billy's Gravity Demos I 096/STU/CDR/10 STU->CDR3
1995.xx.xx MCIS Bonus Disc (RTS tree) xxx/ANA/CDR/10 SHN->CDR2
1995.xx.xx MCIS Demos II: studio 067/STU/CDR/09 CDR3
1998.xx.xx Adore Demos 042/STU/CDR/10 CDR2
1999.xx.xx Machina Acoustic Demos 047/???/CDR/10 CDR3
1999.xx.xx FAEOMM (+ track 20) 071/ANA/CDR/10 CDR3
Commercial Bootlegs:
Mayonaise Dream Various Live Shows 073/SBD/CDR/10 boot->CDR1
Turpentine Kisses 1996.03.13 and 1995.08.25 058/SBD/CDR/10 boot->CDR2
Secret Destroyers 1996.03.13 and 1996.04.24 071/SBD/CDR/10 boot->CDR2
1996.11.23 Electric Factory: Philadelphia, PA 074/AUD/CDR/08 ***MAY BE MP3-SOURCED***
1996.12.12 Astro Arena: Houston, TX 074/SBD/CDR/10 unk gen; click on track 1 and a few small pops on other tracks
1997.02.11 Paradiso: Amsterdam, NL 073/AUD/CDR/10 drop off between each song; sourced from a boot called "Third Leg"; ***MAY BE MP3-SOURCED***
1998.03.27 The Palladium: Los Angeles, CA 103/AUD/CDR/08 Sony TCS-580V; unk gen
2001.09.16 Palace of Auburn Hills: Detroit, MI 120/AUD/CDR/09 unk gen

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