Welcome to my trading page

Please read the trading rules before you go any further. They're pretty basic and they're there to ensure that the best possible copies are spread. Don't break them.

If I have a source for a show, it will be on this page. Unfortunately, some shows pop up out of nowhere, especially with QOTSA. So if a complete source isn't listed, I apologize, but I simply don't know what it is.

Trading Rules:

1. Always burn in DAO.
2. No mp3-sourced material.
3. Don't write on the discs.
4. Burn at or under 4x.
5. Use name-brand discs (ie, Sony, Maxel, Imitation, Memorex, etc.).
6. For video tapes, I must know what the generation is.
7. DO NOT SELL! Especially if you're trading for a copy of one of my masters. Why charge someone $20 for a show you got for free from me? Selling is wrong on so many levels--just don't do it.

Trading Status: CLOSED!! I taped REM in Atlanta on Oct. 11 (2 discs, missing part of Animal, sounds good overall), but I haven't had the time to trade it out yet. If you want it, please drop me a line and we'll work something out once I emerge from the pile of school work. I'm very interested in getting R.E.M. shows from this past tour and from tours in the 80s and those will be my first priority once I get back into trading (late Nov.). May be taping Modest Mouse and Explosions in the Sky later on this year if they're down here and I can afford it.

Currently Looking For: any QOTSA shows I don't have, Modest Mouse, R.E.M., And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead (I'm very interested in videos), Kyuss, Pavement, Tool (esp. shows with the extended Prison Sex and/or Sober), and Radiohead (mainly more recent stuff, but any show where they played Talk Show Host or Big Boots, and the Nov. 2, 2003 show in N.O. since I had to miss it).

Queens of the Stone Age
Other Bands

Email me for trades here