3.2 Is the person on the first album's cover a man or a woman?

If you have the album, you've probably noticed by now that the person on the cover appears to be a woman until you notice how manly those hands are. Despite the hands, she is a she:

"It is a woman. I never noticed that her hands were so manly until it was brought up to me much later. We wanted to put the entire picture on the cover but since there is nudity, we were informed that it would constantly get covered. And we realized that this kind of, shall I say, tasteful crotch shot, was somewhat disturbing. So you have to use the words and images. It can't be censored, but make it ask if everyone should be."
- Josh Homme, Ozzfest chat Aug. 16, 2000

Note: The vinyl version of the first album includes the entire photograph.

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