Songs for the Deaf - What the Fuck?

      Two versions of Songs for the Deaf, called the advance version and the retail version, popped up on the internet this week. There's some question over the validity of the versions. Below is a (very basic) summary of what's what. After you've read it, go to the poll and let your opinion on the controversy be known. Email with any further questions.
Topic Advance Retail
Release Date June 6, 2002 through Audiogalaxy June 10, 2002 through IRC
Tracklist 1. Six Shooter
2. No One Knows
3. First It Giveth
4. Song for the Dead
5. Sky is Falling
6. You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire
7. Hanging Tree
8. Go with the Flow
9. I'm Gonna Leave
10. Do It Again
11. God is Radio
12. Mosquito Song
13. Song for the Deaf
14. bonus track
1. The Real Song For The Deaf
2. Millionaire
3. No One Knows
4. First It Giveth Number One
5. Song For The Dead
6. Sky Is Falling
7. Six Shooters
8. Hangin' Tree
9. Go With The Flow
10. Gonna Leave You
11. Do It Again
12. God
13. Another Love Song
14. Song For The Deaf (+ bonus track)
15. Mosquito Song
Where Can I Get It? Kazaa/Morpheus or IRC Kazaa/Morpheus, or IRC on the #mp3passion channel
Who's Responsible for this? ? TEAM ESCAPE (according to the ID3 tag on the mp3s)
Differences and Similarities
"A" = Advance; "R" = Retail

Different Songs:
Mosquito Song on the advance is the same song as Another Love Song on the retail version; Mosquito Song on the retail version is a different song entirely and is not found on the advance.
The Real Song for the Deaf (R) is not on the advance copy.

Different Song Titles:
You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire (A) is called simply Millionaire on the retail version.
First It Giveth (A) is called First It Giveth Number One on the retail version.
Six Shooter (A) is called Six Shooters on the retail version.
God is Radio (A) is called God on the retail version.

Sound Quality:
The advance sounds much worse than the retail version; the advance sounds incomplete and poorly mixed; the retail version is more clearly split into stereo (instead of mono).
Arguments for the Advance Copy/Against the Retail Copy
There are radio skits before some of the songs: Millionaire has its own skit in which it is introduced by name. On the retail version, this skit is placed before Six Shooters, and Millionaire gets the skit that introduced Six Shooter on the advance (i.e. the two skits are switched and Six Shooters is introduced as Millionaire).
It's possible that the two tracks that are on the retail and not the advance, Mosquito Song and The Real Song for the Deaf, are not QOTSA tracks. Anyone could have done a song like The Real Song for the Deaf, and Mosquito Song not only doesn't sound like a QOTSA song (although it is a beautiful song and it'd be great if it was their song) but neither Nick, nor Josh, nor Mark sings it. Therefore, there's no way to know if these are really QOTSA tracks.
Six Shooter is arguably a better opener than Millionaire.
Arguments for the Retail Copy/Against the Advance Copy
According to Rolling Stone, the album is supposed to have 15 tracks. The retail copy does, the advance copy doesn't.
Also according to Rolling Stone (or a similar source), the album is supposed to have strings provided by Paz (from APC) and her sister Anna; Mosquito Song on the retail version has strings; there are no strings on the advance copy.
Gene Ween is listed as a guest on Mosquito Song; he could be the person singing the song.
1. Someone is fucking with us. The band played a show on June 7 and then had a break until June 12. The advance came out on June 8 and the retail version on June 10. Now, while the band probably has better things to do than toy with their fans, it's possible (although unlikely) that they're behind this. Aside from the band, anyone with access to the album could be fucking with us. The ultimate question is motivation. Why would anyone want to do this?

2. They're both real. Record companies often change the tracklist of an album between the time the advance copies are sent and the retail copies are pressed. That could be the case here, and if so, then both copies are real. In fact, the tracklist we get on August 12/13 may be different from both of these. For instance, a song called Little Sister was supposed to be on the album, but it's not on either of these versions; it may be on the final release.

3. The advance is real. see the arguments above.

4. The retail version is real. see the arguments above.

5. Space monkeys from Xantos are responsible. Because they control everything.
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