Dec. 19, 2000 - RIFF Fanzine:
by Gore AD and Nekén
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Josh Homme: "the English public is one puta excrement" surprises to Us that Queens has stepped on Spain in three occasions, when our country ignored its past, Kyuss. Stranger becomes who one of the best present bands of rock touch of habitual form (if it is possible to be called once habitual to the year) this way. He will be by error? For that reason, before the luck finishes to us, we were decided to talk with Josh Homme (leader next to Nick Oliveri) after finalizing its performance in Barcelona (December of 2000). RIFF: Josh, the tour of Rated R is being a success, mainly in places like England and Germany, where habeis shared poster with Monster Magnet. What so was to you with them? Josh: With the Magnet he was all sensational one. In our concerts with them, we alternated who opened for who. They were great shows. RIFF: And how he is that not habeis turned together in Spain? Josh: I do not know. It is thing of the promoters. RIFF: Entering the new LP (Rated R, 2000), we have noticed a significant difference with respect to first. What you can say on the composition of the subjects? Josh: In this occasion, unlike the first album, the band much more was established, although they have collaborated greater number of musicians (Barrett Martin and Mark Lanegan de Screaming Trees, Gene Trautman, Rob Halford...). All it has noticed. With respect to the sound of the new subjects... I make the music that to me I like and feel then. Now my music less is tied to Kyuss, is more eclectic. RIFF: Now which you comment the subject of the collaborations, you know something of Mark Lanegan? Its performance in a festival in Calahorra announced makes a pair of months, which was suspended without being left the reasons very clear. Josh: I spoke with Mark for the last time 4 months ago, just 3 days before I left tour with Queens. The only thing that I know is that within very little it will remove a new album in solitaire. Nick showed his tattoo to us RIFF: Queens Of The Stone Age exists from 1997. With the passage of time, what evident differences you see with respect to Kyuss? Josh: Kyuss we were inspired by Black Sabbath, was everything more heavy. The songs spoke of the dark, influenced enough John there [ Garci'a ]. Queens counts more on melodías, than they have an important paper much more. In addition, Nick and I alternated the voices. All this causes that we have greater variety of styles. RIFF: That is that while Kyuss gathered the spirit of Black Sabbath, QOTSA you are more... of series B? You are poper? Josh: No, poper no. Certain that melodías is more, than they have arrived by evolution natural of our music, but far from it poper. RIFF: In direct mezclais two facets: 1) punk, direct; and 2) it hangs instrumental psicodélico. In this second facet, you raise the scene with something tried, or is all improvisation? Josh: 80% are improvisation. It leaves to you inside. You follow the low one and to the battery... and you continue. RIFF: Who are the musicians who accompany in direct to Nick and you to you '? Josh: The battery is Gene Trautman. Previously it touched in Dig, and it collaborated in some songs of Rated R. the teclista and support guitar is Brendon McNichols. We knew through Chris Goss [ him habitual producer Kyuss and QOTSA and leader Masters Of Reality ]. Brendon touches habitually for the Masters. Josh, a habitual reader of RIFF RIFF: What so the European public? Josh: The English public is one puta excrement, very aggressive. As far as Spain, we felt very well here. The public of Barcelona more usually is calmed, and prefers to listen. In Madrid they are more visceral. RIFF: You have some amused anecdote of the tour? Josh: Good, here in Spain, the 98. Pillé to an uncle pissing in the back part of our bus of tour. I shouted "Eh to him, what passes!!!". He recognized to me and Rock'n'Roll said to me ", of puta mother!!!". I understand something of Spanish, and as in Mexico "puta mother" is a serious insult... I divided the face to him. The chaval did not understand anything, and I either when they said to me that it left him, who had in fact not insulted to me. RIFF: Finally, in the tour of the 98, your concerts used to end a version of GG Allin, Don't Talk To Me, enough passed of returns. You are a great one fan of GG discs? Josh: Yes, specially of his first discs with bands like the Jabbers or the Scumfucs. Don't Talk To is to Me one of our favorite subjects, so it seemed cool to touch it to us in direct. In addition, Nick is one of crazy his fans. RIFF: What you think on its vindication of drugs, alcohol and dirty sex? Josh: I like. (Laughter) But I would not go as far as he did. He ended up transforming itself into a monster, you know? In their first important contract, GG received 2,500 dollars for the recording of a LP with the Jabbers, and finally it dedicated so only 500 for the disc. The rest was fused he only in drugs and alcohol. And as they were spending the years, the life train that took ended him definitively. In its last disc, you can see that it was on the verge of exploding. Its face, its voice... the uncle finished losing the little humanity that it had left. It abused everything, and at heart I believe that everything gave him equal. RIFF: Certain. Their last works do not have anything to do with the spirit of wild party suffered brain damage of his first years. A deranged nihilismo was something as well as, of hatred towards everybody. Josh: When younger, in his concerts it used to do all type of trivialities implying and causing the public. But when the finishing the show always said "hey, tios... is joke". It was a punk to rocker that was only wanted it to happen well. Alcohol, drug and sex pig... pure attitude punk. With the passage of the years its character changed enough. It was to happen of the one "that punk I am" to "hatred to punks, hatred to my public, hatred to everybody"... Since there are saying, extreme nihilismo. And in its last discs with AntiSeen and the Murder Junkies the thing was left with those songs so full of hatred and resentment well clear. I prefer its festive stage, for serte sincere. RIFF: Some thing more for the RIFF readers? Josh: If ': RIFF Fanzine... Of puta mother!

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