July 6, 1999 - Doc Rock Chat
July 6, 1999
Doc Rock Chat
note: some parts in German

[DocRock setzt das thema auf Nick from Queens of the Stone Age is now with us !!!Nick]

cal: who is drunk in here?

[DocRock setzt das thema auf Nick from Queens of the Stone Age is now with us !!!]

NICK: dexter : I've been drinking since 11

cal: so, you are alright

NICK: 11 years old

dexter: good time to start the day

dexter: good time to start the life

MoreBeer: Nick here is a beer for you man......and please put some clothes on tomoorow will ya

mike: Hi Nick! I'm Mike from Münster! Great band, great gig in essen at zeche carl last year! Tell me the truth: how many songs of your new album will remind me of the legendary kyuss-sound?

Ozric: Thanks for clear that thing with Unida out!

Brian: Nick, what's with you an Alfie lookin' like twins, man. That's some freaky shit.

NICK: It's me, Nick, and Gene

Rui: I saw you playing the last friday at Dudingen, really cool

NICK: mike : all of them

cal: he nick, where are you tonight?

NICK: Rui : we were on LSD...

Rui: I do believe

Ozric: Hey Nick what are your opinions on GG Allin?

MoreBeer: he NICK are you gonna blow up 013 tomorrow ????

NICK: cal : I'm in Cologne, germany

mike: Nick whats your favourite kyuss-song, and qotsa-song of course?

NICK: Ozric : I love GGAllin and the jabbers

NICK: MoreBeer : yes


Ozric: What is QOTSA current line up? Dave back behind the keyboard?

NICK: mike : green machine, QOTSA: infinity

Brian: 'Blow up' literally! I've been hearing stories of fire breathing, Nick. What's all that about. Do you have a lot of pent-up agression.

MoreBeer: NICK ....little shityy you guys play the small place man

mike: i dont know infinity, will it be on the next album?

MoreBeer: Goddamn.....can't wait to see it

NICK: Ozric : Dave's on keyboards, Gene Trautmann on drums, Josh on guitar

MoreBeer: Who is JOSH ?????

NICK: mike : yes it will be on the next album

Laura: do you play tonight?

Rui: Why won't you play in Portugal ?

mike: nick i heard you try to be a singer on the next album! did it work?

NICK: MoreBeer : I don't know...maybe Tom Selleck

NICK: Laura : yes, we do

Brian: Nick....18AD. When did that song get released. It rips.

MoreBeer: Shit TOM SELLECK also in QOTSA ??

NICK: Rui : We really want to play in Portugal...and we really want to see Vicki

karl: what's your favourite album at the moment nick?

Rui: Who is VicKi ?

NICK: mike : me and josh are sharing vocal duties on the next album,

DocRock: Nick, what about Tom Selleck being your rowdie ?

dexter: morebeer: seems to be a new kind of band function: poser! ;-)

NICK: MoreBeer : yeah, TOM SELLECK is the brandnew frontman

MoreBeer: Hahaaa

mike: Nick whats the release date of the new album! cant wait any longer!!!

MoreBeer: Jesus man.......trick of the recordlabel ????

NICK: DocRock : he is the drum tech...

NICK: karl : Johnny Cash, Live at folson prison

dexter: nick, will you release the new stuff on the internet (mp3) as well?

Frank: Hello ?

DocRock: cool. and what about Butthead as the Tour-Manager ?

MoreBeer: Brother ???

Ozric: What gig has been the best QOTSA done so far?

MoreBeer: Are you there

NICK: mike : beginning of next year

Frank: Yezz I'm Here More beer :-))

NICK: dexter : no

karl: but who will be your guitar roadie?

MoreBeer: NICK ...now it getzz ugly my brother just came in

NICK: DocRock : yes

NICK: Ozric : tonite

mike: thats much too long! maybe the unida release will rescue me!

lilsluna: hey guys... what's going on tonight?

MoreBeer: Do ya see the webcams shots brother ????
Rui: when will your next album be ready ?

NICK: karl Sabine from ROADRUNNER...

Frank: Yezz I'm looking at tehm right now :-))

NICK: MoreBeer : no, I don't see them

DocRock: maybe Columbo Could do the catering-service...

Monster: what's up?

NICK: Rui : in november on Interscope

cal: no, columbo is for merchandising

Brian: Columbo, man it would have to be Joe Friday from Dragnet.

MoreBeer: NICK can you play that intro from MEXICOLA a few minutes longer tomorrow....it rockzz man..it almost cost me one ear

Ozric: When are QOTSA heading for Scandinavia again? Why didn't you play any Scandinavian festivals like Roskilde?

Rui: What does the desert really means for you ?

NICK: cal : of course

NoBeer: to bad :-(

NICK: MoreBeer : I play it twice as long...

Monster: what's up with alfredo? has he quit or was that a rumor?

Esel: do you like the new wave of hard rock bands like marilyn manson?

MoreBeer: Damn.....YOU RULE

NICK: Ozric : Hopefully very, very soon, I don't know

NICK: Rui : The desert is my home

lilsluna: KIKI... you're from holland?!

dexter: you're a romantic, aren't you, nick? ;-)

NICK: Monster : He quit, and Gene plays drums now

Anni: nick will you play any kyuss-songs in the future, maybe green machine?

MoreBeer: Yep NICK what's that fuckin' rumour about Alfredo ???

Monster: who's gene? what bands has he been in?

Rui: But do you live in a tent in the desert ?

NICK: Esel : Sure, I like MARYLIN MANSON I think...

NICK: dexter : every night

DocRock: alfredo makes pizza these days, right ? deep-frozen ones !

MoreBeer: gives NOBEER a beer from him

NICK: Anni : You'll have to come to the shows and find out

MoreBeer: ARGGHH

NICK: More Beer : It' s not a roumor, Alfredo is in prison

NoBeer: Thx buddy, I'm out of Beer :-)) in stead of Fuel

Esel: do you have any plans to use electro elements for your forthcoming albums?

NICK: Monster : He's been in MIRACLE WORKERS

MoreBeer: He DOC ...I don't see a beer in front of NICK.....Give him some will ya

DocRock: cool, then he can make all his prison-companions happy with his own pizza!

Monster: hey Anni the queen's played green machine last year in Aptos CA

NICK: Rui : Yeah, but it' s a big one...

MoreBeer: put it on my bill

NICK: Esel : All our elements are electro

NICK: Monster : Yes, we did

dexter: Qotsa unplugged? ;)

DocRock gives Nick a huuuge beer. Morebeer pays!!!

Monster: and it rockedb

Monster: see you next time your in SF

NICK: dexter : NEVER !

MoreBeer: Alright

Mike: have you ever been to sky valley? i took a picture of the sign near the road last april! cool shot!

Rui: Aren't you afraid of the coyotes ? I heard in America there are lots of big coyotes withe sharp teeth...

dexter: thanks, nick!

NICK: Mike : Yeah, I used to get very good drugs from sky valley

NICK: Rui : I spit on coyotes. I eat them for breakfast

Rui: What drug do you prefer ?

DocRock: whta about a coyote-pizza ?

NICK: Rui : What have you got ???

Brian: I don't believe that last thing Nick said.

MoreBeer: he NICK when you're in Amsterdam next week try some shit at the Bulldog.....sweetsmokin' 'till ya drop

Mike: as good drugs as in the coofee-shops in holland?

Rui: Beer

NICK: DocRock : I am italian, so coyote-pizza is great...

dexter: tell me what: why "queens of the stone age"? (just curious -- it's so difficult finding a cool name for a band anyway...)

Ozric: How did you hook up with Gene? Is he also a good friend from Palm Desert?

NICK: Brian : We prefer cafeThe Minds

Esel: do you like the idea to broadcast a gig via the internet and what do think of the MP3 thing?

Elmar: nick do you like to join Brotherhood of Electric like Josh does DocRock: he nick, what drugs did you have just today ?

Brian: The Minds? where's that?

NICK: Dexter : our KYUSS-producer, Chris Goss gave us that name

Mike: will there ever be a kyuss reunion tour? with two bass-players, you and scott! that would be heaven!

Brian: Nick, I must say you're looking well for someone who's been drinking PURE alcohol.

NICK: Ozric : No, he is a good friend from L.A.

MoreBeer: he DOC my webcam shot are standin' still !!!!!

NICK: Mike : Yes

NoBeer: I haven't seen pictures for the past 15 minutes :-(

Brian: my pics are fine.

NICK: Brian : That's because I have the constitution of TOM SELLECK

DocRock: MoreBeer: try klicking into the pic-frame (right click) and choose Reload

Mike: tell me something about the new record!

hanna: try to reload the frame

dexter: NICK: interesting... what inspired him, your look or your sound? ;)

Kiki: wow new pictures you look really great!

NoBeer: Yezzz I have my pictures back :-)

MoreBeer: gives DOC a beer......it works man !!!

Rui: What do you think about your country and how it gets involved everywhere?

Brian: Saying you could match Tom Selleck drink for drink is like saying you could trade punches with Chuck Norris.....no way man!

MoreBeer: hahahah

dexter has the constitution of arnold schwarzenegger (but looks better of course)

NICK: Mike : It will sound very good, when you play it loud...

DocRock: back to the drugs: Nick, do you adore Keith Richards for still being alive ???

Kiki: yes!!! shake this webcam thing!

dexter: your music DESERVES TO BE PLAYD LOUD!

NICK: Rui : I hate my country

Ozric: What's your opinion on the rapid growing so called "stonerrock" genre?

Mike: when did you cut your hairs? did you regret it?

MoreBeer: he NICK....IS JOSH in prison too right now ???

NICK: dexter : Arnold is no TOm SELLECK

Rui: I don't you move to Mexico ? They have tequilla ....

dexter: right, he's much better ;)

NICK: MoreBeer : No, he is in Cologne

MoreBeer: What is he doin' over here

dexter: nose smokin' doc

MoreBeer: there of course

NICK: Mike : I cut it 2 years ago, when I went to prison, and I do not regret it

Brian: Doc - Is that picture the scene from Ghost Busters where Ray sees slimer for the first time?

Esel: what do you think about the bootlegs that are around?

DocRock: brian, yo! cool trick, eh ?!!!

NICK: Esel : I love when people bootleg...

Brian: I bow before you, Doc.

Ozric: Have you done any musicvideos with QOTSA? I've never seen one.

Mike: let me guess: it was a drug delict!

NoBeer: No way Morebeer, You're kidding right now huh :-)

MoreBeer: Hahaha

NICK: Ozric : We are working on one in the next months

cal: which films do you like?

MoreBeer: I will ask it !!!

DocRock: thanks, brian!

dexter is a genetic mixture of arnold schwarzenegger and albert einstein -- only wrong parts...

NICK: Mike : Yes, three kilos of cocaine, and was released for good behaviour

NoBeer: Tomorrow I'll be in Heaven i've that's true

MoreBeer: He nICK are ya gonna play the hole album 3 times tomorrow ???

Esel: that's fine some other bands make a problem out of taping a concert

Brian: Music videos suck man. Who knows of a decent music TV programme that shows decent videos?

NICK: cal : The shining, Apocalypse now

dexter does not want to get busted with three kilos of whatever

Rui: what was your best show live ?

NICK: dexeter : you are very smart

NICK: MoreBeer : yes

MoreBeer: Or better ....make MEXICOLA a half hour trip will ya !!!!

britta: have you ever chatted before?

Mike: cocaine sucks, have u ever somked super skunk from holland, excellent stuff!

Kiki: have you some kind of holiday and where do you go to?

NICK: Rui : CBGB's in NYC

Brian: OK. pics are working, applet is not.

DocRock was busted for posessing half a kilo of nutella!

NoBeer: I'm gonna join you on the stage tomorrow :-)

dexter: nick, you know, this country makes inhabitants behave very careful with these things...

Ozric: Will Alfredo return after his prisonvisit? or is Gene handling the drums from now on?

MoreBeer: Why do ya think they planned to gigs over here MIKE ????

NICK: Kiki : Where do you live KIKI ?

dexter: docrock is a nerd -- he should have swallowed it

MoreBeer: YEAHHHHH the NOBEER and MOREBEER brothers on stage

NICK: Ozric : No Alfredo has a life sentence

Rui: Are your shows different in Europe and in USA, I mean do the people enjoy the show in different ways ?

dexter: HOLY NICK!

DocRock: NICK: Who's tougher: Keith Richards or YOU ?

Mike: nick was it a hoax that dave dinsmore left unida?

MoreBeer: So you're gonaa play drums, sing and play BASS at the same time ??

NICK: Keith Richards is top

DocRock: I knew it!

NICK: Rui : No, it's the same, but I like it here better

Giny: Hey Doc, this thing just died on me....so I'm now using the new applet. What's different?

NICK: Mike : yes

NICK: MoreBeer : No, Gene will play the drums

MoreBeer: Really ??????

dexter: what do you like germany for?

Rui: Do you always paly in small places? What was you biggest audience ?

NICK: dexter : girls

dexter: (and would someone turn that holy shine off -- makes me nervous...)

cal: do you have internet at home

DocRock: Have you heard that it was Keith who stopped Bill Clinton from inhaling his Joint ?

Ozric: If we are talking european girls I can only say Sweden.

dexter: right time, right place for girls, eh? :-)

NICK: Rui : I don't know, what our biggest audience was, I think the BIZARRE-festival...

Mike: would be nice when you play the next german tour with unida! what an excellent package!

MoreBeer: Damn.....Keith is a ugly guy

dexter sings in the summer time...

NICK: Ozric : yes

Rui: How many people ?

Brian: why o' why isn't this working

Brian: oh! now it is.

NICK: Ozric : and holland, and spain, and italy, etc.

Brian: Don't worry...I'm back and I'm alright.


NICK: Rui : I don't know

NoBeer: especially in Tilburg :-))

Brian: Doc...I'm on the new applet, but I don't notice any changes.

Mike: what will be the first song tonite, regular john? cant see the gig so i have to know it! best qotsa song i think!

MoreBeer: NICK....you've gotta taste some of them tomorrow, promise ??

dexter: and the chicks in belgium?

NICK: MoreBeer : We'll see them tomorrow, at O13

DocRock: brian, that's because you're not as mighty as me ! hehehe......


NoBeer: 013 will be heaven tomorrow

DocRock: the chicks in belgium are all POISONED !!!

NICK: Mike : first song will be The Bronze

cal: what is the new applet you are talking of?

Rui: Fuck, I see the pictures but the text stoped

dexter knees down before the almighty doc rock and praises his immortality

Esel: yes they drink to much coke

Brian: Ahhhha! I call forth the power of ten tigers! Doc is about to die.

DocRock allows dexter to kiss his feet ! Feel honored!

dexter winds in the dirt, happily

Brian: Scottish girls are akin to a pie. Got to break open the crust to get to the meat....hoho!

Kiki: don't say these nasty things bout Belgium,I'm from BELGIUM

MoreBeer: NICK....Do you got some space on the stage left for some stagedivin' shit tomorrow ???

dexter: oops... sorry, kiki

NICK: KiKi : My favourite place is belgium, that's where I spend my next holiday

NICK: MoreBeer : If you buy me a beer

MoreBeer: Because of the BEERS ..

dexter: yeah, one for me too, morebeer

MoreBeer: You got a beer already ....but OK

DocRock: i usually prefer Pentminozeterphatimonaacidrsyingpolytheroctazyne !

MoreBeer: HE DOC give NICK another beer will ya

Rui: Two for mee

Mike: Nick what about your singing qualities, will i like it when i adore john garcia!

MoreBeer: I wanna rock the stage with him

NICK: ok, enogh beer-talk, let's talk about some shit

Brian: Nick, I'm coming from Scotland to Amsterdam to see you...how about some fire eating?

Kiki: that's nice Nick, but don't taste to much of this belgium coke

DocRock throws another extremely tasty beer to Nick

NICK: KiKi : What kind of coke ?

MoreBeer: YOU GOT IT NICK ????

dexter: doc: i used to use that too, but it made me forget long words, so one day i could not remember it's name, so i quit

Idi: hello Nick I'm a great fan from sweden, really love your band


NICK: Idi : thank you

MoreBeer: No I won't dare :))))

dexter needs t.p. for his asshole

Kiki: only the cola coke nick, but don't worry as long as you keep on drinkink beer everything will be fine

schaf: docrock-when you are gonna publish the chat with sepultura that was yestarday?

Rui: If you weren't playing with QOTSA, what band would you like to play with ?

NICK: DocRock : You need tp for his bonghole

DocRock: thats bunghole, bunghole !

Brian: Don't make me use the age-old sleeper hold on you Doc (as used by the WWF wrestler 'The Sting').

MoreBeer: hahaha

NICK: Rui : only with TOM SELLECK

DocRock: Your're , like, cool 'n' stuff...uhuhuhuhuh.....

Ozric: Are the ne record in the same spirit as the first record or are you changing directions?

hanna: he schaf, you can find it in the chat-archive

MoreBeer: NICK.... I'm just wonderin' why BEAVER is not on the bill tomorrow ????

Mike: why did you left kyuss in 92, did u get a better paid job?

dexter: hanna: sheep cannot read, why bother?

NICK: Ozric : It will go in many new directions, as well as the old

DocRock: my beaver will not wait!

NICK: MoreBeer : I don't know, I wish they were

Ozric: Any punkish tracks perhaps a g g allin cover?

NICK: Mike : No, I just was goin' in a different direction

MoreBeer: Haven't spoke to them recently ???

JENS: ey doc alles klar bei Dir ?

dexter: hey, ozric, where are your tentacles? ;)

Brian: So NICK, you're a spiritual kind of guy....yeah? Do you fear the end of the world. - happy thoughts.

NICK: Ozric : Yes, we have done some GGAllin-covers in the past

DocRock is wacking off in Andersons Toolshed...uhuhuh...TOOL !

Mike: but u regret it nowadays, dont u?

neonium: buenos dias muchachos

Ozric: dexter, stuffed up my ass for the moment.

Rui: Do you like Sepultura ? Were they better a few years ago ?

dexter: muchas gracias, neonium

dexter: good place ;)

NICK: Brian : No, I'm not spiritual, and I don't fear the end of the world...bad thoughts

MoreBeer: NICK ....the girl on the album cover...isthat DOC' girlfriend ???

neonium: where is josh?

Brian: I thought Doc was gay?

NICK: neonium : downstairs drinkin, and I will join him

MoreBeer: way too gay ???

Ozric: Perhaps a Ozric Tentacles cover would be a interesting thing to here from QOTSA.

DocRock: morebeer, are you talking about one of my many girlfriends ? ARE YOU THREATENING ME ???

Rui: Do you speack spanish, or did you get somebody to translate the things on the album

MoreBeer: Hahahha

NICK: EVERYBODY : For more info, www.zippit.com

MoreBeer: NICK give DOC a beer from me will ya !!!!

Brian: I get the De Niro link Doc.

DocRock: waste of a monkey-spank!

MoreBeer: or http://surf.to/redaura

MoreBeer: hahahah

dexter: no, please no covers! make something based on that style, but do not ever cover!

Rui: MoreBeer : I guess you have a special key with the "hahahah"

[NICK setzt das thema auf Nick has got to go...]

MoreBeer: most easy word

MoreBeer: hahaha

dexter: hahahe

DocRock: butt-dumpling!

Ozric: Thank you Nick for taking time!

dexter: shoot... missed

[NICK setzt das thema auf Nick has got to go...]

dexter: not easy, morebeer

[NICK setzt das thema auf Nick has got to go...]

neonium: greet josh

Brian: MOREBEER got the most easy word wrong!

MoreBeer: See ya tomorrow man !!!!!

dexter: hahahi

dexter: ah, missed again

Ozric: See ya on the road! Bye from me!

dexter: nick, have fun!

DocRock: Thanks for stopping by, Nick! Happy drinking ..........

Rui: Thanks , your music just make me feel the world is cool

dexter: hahahu

Brian: NIck - fire eating - Tuesday 13th

dexter: just practicing

Kiki: thank you so much for this chat!!!!!!

MoreBeer: I bet he will BRIAN

Esel: wow you've made it!

[NICK setzt das thema auf Nick has just left the building!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

Mike: and now its time for josh!

Rui: keep drinking

dexter: there he goes...

MoreBeer: YEAHH Mike you're right

Brian: Mail me a review of the gig you're going to MoreBeer. And of course.......bootleg it.

Rui: Hasta la vista Nick

Fisch: thanks DOC ROCK QOTSA will rule the world forever!

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