Feb. 22, 2003 - Rage: Queens of the Stone Age pick the videos
by Josh and Nick
Nick Oliveri: Hello I'm Nick, this is Josh, we're the Queens of the Stone Age, and we're going to be taking over rage tonight playing you some videos
Josh Homme: And they're our favourite videos so if you decide to miss them you're missing out, grab your milk and your cookies and sit in front of the boob tube and hang around with us for the next couple of hours.


JH: Well, alright, here we go, we're gonna play the man who started it all, and some people dispute whether he did or not, and the point isn't whether he created it or began it, he's the one that brought it to the world, it's Elvis Presely with 'I want you, I need you, I love you' . . . bless that man . . . ooooof! . . . ooooof! (like a wolf)

I Want You, I Need You, I Love You - ELVIS PRESLEY BMG

NO: This is Bjork, 'Army of Me', and she's an Icelandic baby. . .
JH: Elf. . .
NO: Little dwarf. . .
JH: Elf. . .
NO: Elf. . .
JH: Dwarves are like, tiny, and (makes aaargh! hand motion) and elves are like, they do good things, so we'll go with Icelandic elf, one of our favourite peoples on the earth. . . and now that the stalking case against us for her has been dropped, we, uh, begin to stalk her again (Nick is laughing)

Army Of Me - BJORK Polydor
Possibly Maybe - BJORK Polydor
Heart Of Glass - BLONDIE EMI

JH: Well, this is one of our favourite bands, that's why I'm gonna turn you over to Nick.
NO: This is a band called Ween, from New Jersey, and the song's 'Pushin up the little Daisies'. . .
JH: They have no respect for anyone
NO: and, uh, they hate you (J laughs), and, uh, we love this band, we tour with them quite a bit, one of the few bands we repeat tour with, they're a great band, check them out if you don't already know.

Push Tha' Little Daisies - WEEN Mushroom
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction - DEVO Warner
Bikini Girls With Machine Guns - THE CRAMPS EMI

NO: This is Nick and Josh from QOTSA and you're watching rage so if you leave you're a fool!
JH: (laughing, laughing, with swagger) Yeah!

Banana Song - THE DICKIES Shock
My Sharona - THE KNACK BMG
Accidents Will Happen - ELVIS COSTELLO Shock

JH: This is a local band, Australian band, with such a perfectly good rocknroll name, the saints, with a tune called 'I'm stranded', and don't you just feel like you are now. . . stranded . . . I don't (laughs with a look at N)

(I'm) Stranded - THE SAINTS Festival

NO: This is AC/DC with 'Jailbreak', Bon Scott's one of, ah, the all time legends from down under, and the new guy, Brian Johnson, whose been new for, what, 18 years now?
JH: Yeah, 18 years
NO: Maybe not so new anymore, but he rocks as well, but this is Bon Scott, this is Jailbreak.

Jailbreak - AC/DC Sony
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - AC/DC EMI
Lust For Life - IGGY POP Virgin

JH: Alright, this is a video from a band, Bad Brains, a band who broke all the barriers, even for a barrierless genre like punk rock, from DC, they can play reggae, and they can make you, uh, through rocks at your grandmother, this is Bad Brains I against I against I against I.

I Against I - BAD BRAINS Sony

NO: Hey we're QOTSA and you're watching RAGE!
JH: rrrrwooof!

Voodoo Child - JIMI HENDRIX Warner
Papa's Got A Brand New Bag - JAMES BROWN Universal

JH: Alright this is band from Atlanta, Georgia, I call them a band even though they play hip hop cos they play all sorts of instruments and, uh, they're true freaks, this is Outkast with a song called Bombs over Baghdad and check the beat on this one cos it makes you just want to get up and dance, slap your partner. . . it's good.

Ms. Jackson - OUTKAST BMG
Get Up, Stand Up - BOB MARLEY Festival

NO: Aphex Twin, this one of the greater videos I've ever come across
JH: Directed by a sick bastard named Chris Cunningham, who likes to scare and humiliate and he successfully does that in this video, one of the most creatively scary yet funny videos I've ever seen since I've been walking the globe. . .(looks at N) tell em stuff. . .
NO: Great asses scary faces (laughing)
JH: Nice ass witch face (N hysterical) that's what we think when we see this video, and, uh, it's got a great intro. . .
JH: N.A.W.F., yeah
JH: And it's got a great intro, with people, it almost seems like Nick and I know these two guys in the beginning, so here it is, enjoy, Windowlicker.

Windowlicker - APHEX TWIN Warner
Cars - GARY NUMAN Warner
Sex (I'm A Man) - BERLIN Polydor

Josh in an Irish/Scottish hybrid accent: This is Queens of the Stone Age
Nick in an Irish/Scottish hybrid accent: It was the biggest. . .
J w/accent: The biggest fish I ever saw in me life
N w/accent: In the Loch, it grabbed Molly McButter right outta the boat and into the drink. . .
J w/accent: And the Lochness monster grabbed Molly McButter by the ear and I lost me fish (N hysterical)
N w/accent slipping: And I drink every day for her. . .
JH: Oh wait, sorry! Are we doing? Well, yeah, this is QOTSA, we're messing around without you cos we keep ourselves happy, by ourselves, constantly. . . and you're watching rwoof!. . . rage!

Can't Put My Finger On It - WEEN Mushroom
Devil's Haircut - BECK Universal (MCA)

NO: We're gonna play a Johnny Cash video for you, Orange Blossom Special, he's the man in black, he's still putting out records
JH: His new record is amazing
NO: His new album is great so check it out, here's something old for you.

The Orange Blossom Special - JOHNNY CASH Sony
Rock And Roll - LED ZEPPELIN Warner

NO: This is a song by another band that I play in and I'm going to shamelessly self-promote it, this is the Dwarves, Over You, I've come clean.

Over You - THE DWARVES Shock
The Price Of Reality - AMEN Virgin
One Armed Scissor - AT THE DRIVE-IN Virgin

NO: Hey we're QOTSA and you're watching RAGE!
JH: rrrrwooof!
White Pony - DEFTONES Warner
Come To Daddy - APHEX TWIN Warner

NO: That was Come to Daddy by Aphex Twin
JH: (whispering) Come to daddy!
NO: And we're gonna play something a little harder now, Slayer, Seasons in the Abyss, midnight warrioirs
JH: Still doing it right after all these years

Seasons In The Abyss - SLAYER Universal (MCA)
Ace Of Spades - MOTORHEAD Festival
For Those About To Rock - AC/DC Sony

NO: This is a song by the Butthole Surfers, it's a live version of a song called 'Hey' which is off their first record and, uh, enjoy this live version, I know I do. . .
JH: (snickers)
NO: Hey hey
JH: Hey hey hey. . .

100 Million People Dead - BUTTHOLE SURFERS - Live Independent
Holiday In Cambodia - THE DEAD KENNEDYS - Live Virgin
Pleasure Heads Must Burn - ftv 'P Heads Must Bur - THE BIRTHDAY PARTY Mushroom
Bruise Violet - BABES IN TOYLAND Warner
Monsters In The Parasol & Interviews - QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE Universal
No One Knows - QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE Universal
Monsters In The Parasol - QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE Universal

JH: Well, this is a song by this band called the Queens of the Stone Age and they shamelessly play their own videos whenever possible, because no one else will, and this is an autobiographical piece, and it's summertime here so we couldn't resist, this is 'Feel Good Hit of the Summer'.

Feel Good Hit Of The Summer - QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE Universal
The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret - QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE Universal
One Inch Man - KYUSS Warner
Demon Cleaner - KYUSS Warner
Thong Song - KYUSS Warner
Green Machine - KYUSS Warner

Thanks to Katie for typing this up

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