Song times played [last date]
18 AD 01x [01/06/16]
A #1 [Desert Sessions vol. 6] 04x [99/09/02]
Auto Pilot 21x [01/08/24]
Avon 82x [01/08/24]
Back to Dungaree High [Turbonegro] 01x [01/07/04]
Better Living Through Chemistry 49x [01/08/24]
Born to Hula 34x [01/06/20]
The Bronze 40x [01/07/03]
Cake (Who Shit on the?) [Desert Sessions vol. 2] 02x [08/02/99]
Don't Talk to Me [G.G. Allin] 01x [98/12/18]
Eccentric Man 16x [00/06/11]
Feel Good Hit of the Summer 77x [01/08/26]
Freedom Run [Kyuss] 01x [01/02/04]
Fucker (a.k.a. At the Helm of Hell's Ships) 03x [99/08/28]
Give the Mule What He Wants 11x [00/10/05]
Go with the Flow 05x [01/08/26]
God is Radio 01x [01/08/21]
Green Machine [Kyuss] 01x [98/07/25]
Hispanic Impressions 15x [01/08/21]
How to Handle a Rope 45x [01/08/26]
I Think I Lost My Headache 17x [01/08/21]
I Was a Teenage Hand Model 02x [99/09/16]
If Only 43x [01/06/20]
In the Fade 07x [01/06/13]
Infinity 18x [00/12/20]
Jr. High Love [Desert Sessions vol. 4] 01x [99/09/02]
Leg of Lamb 35x [01/08/21]
Lightning Song 03x [01/06/19]
The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret 76x [01/08/26]
Mexicola 58x [01/07/03]
Monsters in the Parasol 53x [01/08/26]
Never Say Never never played live
Ode to Clarissa 45x [01/08/25]
Precious and Grace [ZZ Top] 09x [01/08/26]
Quick and to the Pointless 57x [01/08/26]
Regular John 88x [01/08/26]
Rickshaw [Desert Sessions vol. 6] 12x [01/02/01]
Simple Exploding Man [Mondo Generator] 04x [99/04/27]
Songs for the Dead 01x [01/08/18]
Spiders and Vinegaroons 02x [01/06/26]
Supa Scoopa and Mighty Scoop [Kyuss] 03x [01/02/02]
Tension Head 61x [01/08/25]
These Aren't the Driods You're Looking For 01x [98/10/12]
Thumb [Kyuss] 01x [98/07/25]
Walkin on the Sidewalks 40x [01/08/26]
Who'll Be the Next in Line [The Kinks] 02x [00/11/23]
You Can't Quit Me Baby 86x [01/08/26]
You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire [DS vol. 5] 39x [01/06/29]
You Would Know 37x [01/08/18]
You're So Vague 09x [01/08/25]
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