QOTSA's Taping Policy
QOTSA's Taping Policy

General Policy
"I see somebody taping and photographing and shit, and that's good, that's a good thing. Remember, don't be the type of fuckface that charges everyone else who was here twenty bucks to buy one. If you do, you can come and personally suck my cock. And now you've got it on tape. It's right here [points to crotch], get your zoom." - Josh at the March 15, 2003 show in Athens (one of the tapers he referred to was the webmaster of this site).

In short, don't be a fuckface. DO NOT EVER SELL COPIES OF A SHOW YOU TAPED ON EBAY OR ANYWHERE ELSE. If you do, the band, the QOTSA trading community, and this very angry webmaster will hunt you down and do very bad things to you. Simple as that.

Audio Taping
QOTSA encourages people to tape their shows. They have openly declared that they support audio taping in interviews. However, their contract apparently lists them as not allowing taping or something to that effect. Hutch normally notifies the venue/security about their taping policy before the show, but security doesn't always get the message. Furthermore, they don't have a tapers section set up at shows. It's best to sneak your gear in unless you know that the venue won't hassle you. If you do get hassled by security at any time, just refer the security guard to Hutch, who is QOTSA's sound man, and he will bail you out. He's a very nice fellow and always likes to meet tapers. If you like, you could even go introduce yourself to him before the show and let him know you're taping--that way, if security bothers you, he'll know you in advance (Hutch will be the guy at the soundboard just before QOTSA goes on, if you're wondering where to find him).

Video Taping
Though they've said they don't allow it in the past, Hutch has okayed this one. It's more difficult to get your gear in, but yes, the band does allow video taping. Wave that in the venue's face.

Soundboard Taping
QOTSA doesn't allow it, so leave your patch cables at home. They don't believe that soundboard copies of their shows sound good and so they don't let people patch in. Hutch records every show through the soundboard, though (as of 2003 he was using an iMac to do this).

If you're a first-time QOTSA taper and you'd like to get in on the QOTSA trading and taping community, check out the qotsatrades Yahoo group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/qotsatrades/.

It's very simple: tape, trade, but DON'T FUCKING SELL!
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