If Only


If it gets you down well then Iíll take it
If it gets you up well I donít want it
It let you down so broken hearted
If it gets you down well then I want it

If only weíre nothing at all

So blow our mind and make it lazy
Those long long days with no escaping
I hold the wheel to let it go
Donít wanna stop, donít wanna know
If it gets you down, well just donít blame me

If only weíre nothing at all

Alternate Titles/Lyrics

If Only Everything
Available On

If Only promo
Queens of the Stone Age
Smashing Pumpkins Tour promo


Josh Homme - Guitar, Vocals
Carlo (Josh Homme) - Bass
Alfredo Hernandez - Drums
Hutch - Sound

What does the band have to say about this song?

Gene: What are we gonna play then?
Audience Member: If Only.
Audience Member #2: Better Living.
Josh: Yeah, we'll play Better Living. I've played If Only alot in my life.
- from 2000/07/23

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